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1995 Eclipse GS DD project


Proven Member
Jun 6, 2011
Glen ellyn, Illinois
So, I've decided to make a build journal of my car, so here we go.

So far I have rebuilt the engine and done a lot, I will upload pics and explain that a little bit, not really gonna get into detail on those parts. I am however working on my turbo set up for 420a, so I will start in more detail with that. Lets say everything else is the "prologue?" and my turbo build will be Chapter 1?

Feel free to comment, or add suggestions. Or if I should add more info/pics.

Parts have been coming in for my turbo, this is what I have done so far, if you look at the pictures.

1. Rotated the housings on the turbo, and fit the flange to the manifold. I had to drill out a hole on the flange because it didn't fit right on the manifold. I also got "studs" and nuts to mount the turbo to the manifold.
For the studs I used 2 m10 x 100 1.5 rods, and cut them in half, then shorted as needed.

2. I gathered some extra fittings with my oil line kit, I made a 90 degree elbow, and got a cap so I could hook the line up early before the turbo. I also got some stuff to make a return in the oil pan. I'm using a fitting with thread on the other side, I'm going to drill the tighest fitting hole I can in the oil pan (Start small and work up as needed), and screw in the fitting, with a tight washer on the out side, and a lock nut in the inside. Going to add some gasket and tighten it up really good, all on a flat spot on the oil pan. I also got a cap for this so it could be done in advance. (see picture).

It's not letting my upload all the pics, I'll ad more later.


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Jun 6, 2011
Glen ellyn, Illinois
3. So I mounted the turbo, and got the downpipe welded, cost me about 20$. It bolts right up to the stock downpipe, which is nice. Had to buy the t3 flange, and a standard 2.5" exhaust flange off ebay. I had left negative feedback for the t3 flange on eBay, because it did not match the picture "exactly" as the seller promised. He offered to give me a refund if I revised my feedback, which I did because that was nice, and good service. Basically got a 15$ flange free.

4. I mounted my intercooler. This was really easy. I picked up a set of 3" L brackets at walmart for 3$. Cut one side shorter to place the intercooler at the height I wanted, and bolted them into "C" shapes. One side bolts to the intercooler, the other side comes up on top of the crash beam, and bolts in. Worked nice, very sturdy. Barely had to cut the crash beam.

5. Attached oil lines. For the feed I had to get a 3/8 Tee, and a 3/8 to 1/8 reducer. Pretty straight forward, the picture explains. A tip for anyone who does this in the future, get a swivel connecter for the feed line, makes it a hell of alot easier to bolt on. For the return line, I used a 1/2 mpt, to 5/8 flare elbow. Drilled a hole as close to the thread size I could, and put the 1/2 side in snugly. Did this on a flat surface, used a washer, then a lock nut with some rtv blue, on the inside. Used a lock nut on the outside as a spacer(to make the elbow come out more).


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Proven Member
Jun 6, 2011
Glen ellyn, Illinois
6. I installed my FMU, pretty simple, t-d the vaccum off the FPR. I later bolted it to the firwatll next to the washer tank because as I was driving, It kept getting wedged between the intake and firewall. (Very unpleasent LOL)

7. I used the L-brackets that came with my catch can, and bolted it into a hole from the stock air-box. Used a clamp to hold it to the bracket. This is the only good place I could find for it, as much as I hate the hose length.

8. Installed my fuel pump. Used vice grips to break the nut on the feed line on the pump bracket, came off pretty easy surprisingly. Just swapped the pumps, didn't have to modify anything. Used stock o-ring, and spacer.

EXTRA: I also cleaned up my stock downpipe, and bolted my horn to another bracket (its normaly on the fog light which I had to remove for the inter cooler).


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Proven Member
Jun 6, 2011
Glen ellyn, Illinois
Haven't finished this up going to get to it in a while, been busy.


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Feb 7, 2012
Manning, South_Carolina
im looking to do the same thing here in the next few months. good work.i just have to rebuild my engine first. did you use stock pistons and rods?
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