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gsx 2g

  1. 98 GSX

    Street Build 98 GSX

  2. OEM+ Eclipse GSX (glumpgsx)

    OEM+ Eclipse GSX (glumpgsx)

  3. 1995 Eclipse GSX 5 speed

    Street Build 1995 Eclipse GSX 5 speed

  4. 2G AWD 2G Transmission JDM Version vs USDM Help

    So I haven't been able to find a thread on this but I sent my AWD GSX trans to a shop and they told me that the shifter on the trans is a JDM and I need a USDM version.So my questions are:1: What are the differences 2:Where can I find one 3: What would it be called without broadly looking...
  5. BigTurboGSX

    2G 580AWHP Eclipse GSX (Shady History?)

    Hey everyone,So I've always loved these 2gs and I finally decided to buy one. After 8 months of searching (I live in Florida and finding a GSX down here was not easy) I finally found one and pulled the trigger. The previous owner said the car was built and used on the track so it's a full...
  6. 2g gsx retro-mod

    Street Build 2g gsx retro-mod

  7. New Smart 150 TCM

    For sale 2g New Smart 150 TCM

    Brand new Forced Four Smart 150 TCU. Never installed, preloaded software for a W4A33 Auto trans. This was optioned for no TCU in car Includes everything to run your GSX in place of a factory TCU. Full 24 inch harness and USB cable to connect to, along with paperwork and install instructions...
  8. Ventus2geclipse

    Building a GSX

    (Edited bc I posted at like 4am with no sleep): I got a GSX shell (as my first 4g dsm build) I’ve got the full engine, intercooler, ignition coils etc. only thing missing as far as I know is the exhaust and intercooler piping to at least crank it on and get it running, everything in the shell is...
  9. GlomerEclipsePro_7

    2G Stock GSX turbo problem

    Hey guys, I know I don't post much, I'm looking for advice I've been repairing my stock turbo at a turbo repair shop place and it's been two times I've need them to repair it, and the issue is I only use it literally one day, and then there's a lot of whitish smoke coming out of the exhaust of...
  10. Gst_hector99

    Resolved 2G Manual short block fit into automatic transmission?

    Hey guys so I’m buying this 7Bolt shortBlock that has been obviously rebuilt and came off of the exact year and model of my 2g eclipse but the thing is… it came off a manual so will that block fit in my automatic transmission 🤔(IK AUTOMATIC..🥲) Will a Manual 99 Gst Eclipse 7Bolt ShortBlock fit...
  11. 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX

    1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX

  12. GlomerEclipsePro_7

    2G What brackets should I buy for my sparco r100 into my GSX?

    Putting some R100 in my GSX, which brackets can I buy, anybody know or has a link to the web of the brackets I need for this fit? They are recliners with sliders installed! Thank you very much!
  13. ethancemer

    2G 2g Coilovers

    I am not the most wealthy person, but do not want to cheap out on any parts for this build. I have a few options here to choose from that are in my budget. I’d love to hear what everyone’s opinions are on these options or even better ones… here is some pics of my 99 gsx, bone stock refurbished...
  14. 99 Eclipse

    Street Build 99 Eclipse

  15. Pushed

    Wanted 2g WTB 97-99 Manual T case

    Lmk price and location and whether you can ship, etcCan't drive the car without driveshaft since front diff isn't welded
  16. 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX

    Drag Race Build 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX

  17. 2G tsi awd

    2G tsi awd

  18. 6 bolt gsx

    Street Build 6 bolt gsx

  19. 2G Rear axles

    hey, does anybody have a link to some rear axles preferably a rear passenger side, been looking everywhere, I bought a pair but the right side axle doesn’t match, closest thing that matches it is some front cv axles but pretty sure that won’t fit, need one like the bottom one in the picture, thanks
  20. Shootout 2024 scramble

    Road Race Build Shootout 2024 scramble

  21. 2G How to Remove Unorthodox Racing 1-Piece Water Pump Pulley?

    Hi gents,I'm trying to change the timing belt on my 1998 GSX and am stuck at the water pump pulley. Hoping someone might be able to offer a tip on how to remove the 1 piece unorthodox racing aluminum water pump pulley pictured. I've got the driver side motor mount removed, and have the engine...
  22. GHSTII

    Looking for an FP Red

    I know it's a long shot, but does anyone here happen to have access to a new FP Red turbo for a '98 GSX that I can buy? The manufacturer is on back-order for up to two months, so I figured I'd try and shout into the void.
  23. 2G Losing Oil pressure. 99 GSX

    So my friends 99 GSX won’t hold oil pressure, it’s been sitting for 7 years, just got out of the shop. At first we thought it was just because it didn’t have a dip stick. But then continued to do it after he got the new one. As soon as it got up to temp it started to lose pressure or just...
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