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1g dsm

  1. XC92

    Question about solder method to determine proper shim thicknesses (updated with numbers doing it the right way)

    So I got my stacks reassembled with new parts and did the solder method yesterday, but many of the measured values seemed way off. Then I realized that I might have done it wrong.What I did was first install all new or removed bottom (closest to clutch/engine/bellhousing) races into the case...
  2. XC92

    Leak around oil pan, likely sources?

    There's an oil (or possibly steering fluid) leak around the oil pan near the driver's side area. I'm not sure if it's the pan seal, oil cooler, pump or something else. I cleaned everything earlier this year and the car only has a few hundred miles on it since, so it's a fair-sized leak that I...
  3. XC92

    1G Replace rear sway bar links on AWD?

    Once I'm done rebuilding the trans on my '92 Talon TSi AWD manual and take care of clutch and shifter slop issues, I intend to swap out some rear end suspension parts, specifically all 4 ball joints, the sway bar links and the sway bar and control arm bushings (I already rebuilt the strut...
  4. LOTS OF RANDOM 1g parts

    For sale 1g LOTS OF RANDOM 1g parts

    Selling off some spare parts I have, located in Scottsdale AZ but willing to ship at buyers expense. Prices are OBO!COMPLETE 4 bolt rear end-300$1990 AWD transmission first grinds, all others work-120$2g dsm gauge cluster-20$3 1g dsm gauge clusters-20$ EACHCOMPLETE 1990...
    $20.00 to $300.00
  5. XC92

    1G Finally took transmission apart, advice needed on which parts need replacement. (More photos!)

    So I finally got around to dropping the trans on my '92 Talon TSi AWD and took it apart. To my novice eyes it looks to be in good condition, no broken gears, forks or pieces of metal or major shavings, maybe a few tiny case slivers that might have been caused by taking it apart. It needs a good...
  6. XC92

    1G Several quick questions before attempting AWD manual trans rebuild

    As many here know I've been restoring my sub-78k miles manual trans '92 Talon TSi AWD for some time now, and it's finally time to fix the trans, the main issue being its popping out of 1st gear most of the time. I replaced the clutch last year, with a SBC Stage 2 DD kit, with the intention of...
  7. 1G Weird sound from engine when trying to turn on engine also no crank

    So I have a 1G 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse Fwd. I’ve been trying to figure out fuel problems. But usually when your working with fuel the car with crank. Just not turn over. I have a video of the sound it makes when you try to turn the key to start the car. I’m trying to find the fuel presssure...
  8. all black 4G63

    General First start up Idle surge 1G

    hello, I have read through a lot of post about idle surge, but my test are not bringing me to isolate the cause.This is the first time this engine has ran after a full rebuild. The CAMs are: Intake 264 and Exh 272 HKS.The ECM is 92 AWD 4G63T (stock)The IAC is new (replaced) and the TPS...
  9. 1G Crank, no start but wants to start really badly [SOLVED]

    Hello, I haven't posted on the forums for something like 9 years. I just started getting back into the scene again. I drove the car at least once or twice a month and kept the battery on a tender to make sure when I did want to drive, I could. I have been having a lot of fun and recently wanted...
  10. Justyn

    ECMlink Ecmlink and isc problem

    Hey guys, I've recently got my copy of ecmlink along with the ecu. I've read through all the instructions. I've set my 3" gm maf, my 580cc injectors. My original ecu I had before switching the car would idle high on first start up then as it warms up it would gradually come down and settle at...
  11. DreamChaser7

    Posting my intro in the correct spot this time I think..

    I am finally joining the community I’ve been watching for so long. It’s taken me over 20 years to write this, so I apologize in advance for the length that I’m sure will follow. Also, I hope it’s not premature as I still don’t have a bunch of luxury money to throw at this as I would like. But...
  12. Declan Heslip

    1G 1g vs 2g door handles

    I recently broke off my driver side door handle on my 1g. And after a lot of searching online I realised that there are very few driver side 1g door handles available to me, but there are lots for 2gs. Which look fairly similar, so would a 2g door handle fit in a 1g , and also would those really...
  13. XC92

    Replacing vs. resurfacing stock 1G AWD flywheel

    I'm taking the winter off time to research various tasks I'll have to perform on my '92 Talon TSi AWD manual come spring (way too cold to do anything serious on the car for me right now, especially with an 18" blizzard about to hit tonight and temps in the teens).One is figuring out whether to...
  14. XC92

    1G Update on cluch & trans issues

    First thanks to everyone who's chimed in with tips and advice to help me diagnose and fix the various issues with my clutch system and trans. It's helped a lot even though there are still issues yet to be resolved (through no fault of anyone but myself and the fact that there are so many of...
  15. XC92

    Transmission won't go into gear, several possible reasons, need advice

    The saga continues. After replacing the clutch and reinstalling the trans recently, I tested it out last week and the car would go into gear and go forward and reverse, fairly smoothly. This was only in a driveway for a few feet either way, but there were no issues getting it into gear or...
  16. XC92

    Resolved Is my new clutch disc mis-aligned?

    I took some photos of my installed new SBC Stage 2 DD pressure plate and clutch, and it looks like the disc might be out radial alignment. Thing is that I was able to reinstall the trans, which you'd think would be impossible as it would put the dowel pins and bolt holes out of alignment too. Is...
  17. XC92

    Decent cheap gear oil for short-term use?

    I was going to take apart the transmission on my '92 Talon TSi AWD to fix an issue where it pops out of 1st gear, but for a number of reasons I have to put that off for a while, from a few weeks to several months, next spring at the latest. Meanwhile I drained its oil, along with the t-case oil...
  18. shdwmsk

    Resolved Driving an AWD with removed rear diff?

    Question, I am needing to rebuild the rear differential in my '90 AWD 5spd talon. Can I drive my car with the rear differential removed, if I also remove the axles, driveshaft and transfer case with no issues?I am having driveline vibration at speeds +60 while in 5th gear. I rebuilt the rear...
  19. XC92

    When replacing front struts, replace pads & seats too?

    I'm about to replace the front struts on my '92 Talon TSi AWD manual, and am a bit uncertain as to what else needs to be replaced. I know that it's good practice to also replace the mounts, bellows and bumps, and have purchased all of these. They're all KYB btw, GR-2.These comes with new top...
  20. XC92

    How to tell if inner tie rods are bad?

    So I've been making a lot of progress on my '92 Talon TSi manual rebuild, and am finally ready to drop the transmission to replace the clutch, clean things up and fix a transmission issue. I've got all the front end suspension and subframe components out, except for the front crossmember, which...
  21. XC92

    1G Restoring front end suspension: Which parts to replace?

    I'm replacing the clutch and fixing transmission issues on my '92 Talon TSi AWD, which requires detaching or removing some front end suspension parts, e.g. control arms, CV axles, etc. I figured I might as well remove everything, given how dirty and rusty they are and it's so much easier to...
  22. XC92

    1G Are my front strut assembly brackets too rusted to be safe?

    I'm taking apart the front suspension members on my '92 Talon TSi AWD to derust and paint them, and looking at the strut assemblies, there appears to be an unsafe amount of rust damage on both sides and I want to get peoples' opinion on whether I need to replace the ASAP or if it can wait a...
  23. XC92

    1G Question about removing transmission on 1G

    I'm about to drop the trans on my '92 Talon TSi AWD to replace the clutch and fix a shifting issue. The car is parked in a driveway with the passenger side pretty close to a wall, around 18-24", enough room for me to remove the wheel and work on the knuckle and everything else there, but still a...
  24. XC92

    On the fence: SBC Stage 1 or 2 Daily Driver Clutch Kit?

    After all the positive reviews I came across I decided to get a South Bend Clutch clutch kit for my '92 Talon TSi AWD to replace the generic one that's in it now and no longer working. I was all set to order the Stage 1 daily driver since my car is stock and I have no near-term plans to mod it...
  25. XC92

    1G Ordering maintenance & repair parts, advice needed

    Hi, I'm fairly new here so I hope this isn't inappropriate or too long, but I'm about to order a bunch of parts for my '92 Talon TSi AWD manual (build date May 1992), with around 79k miles on it (yes you read that right), and wanted to make sure they're right for the job. If anyone cares to...
  26. vetexr

    1G Need help with wiring ATX to MTX swap

    I recently bought a 1991 Eagle talon tsi awd, originally auto but previous owner swapped a manual trans in it and didn’t finish, i ran into the NSS problem and wont turnover only clicks, I’ve looked through forums and service manual but cant find how the plug for the NSS looks like, and if...
  27. Smoodle

    1G Shifting Problem 1g DSM

    My 1990 Eclipse GSX won’t go into any gear when I try and shift, so the car has been immobile. It will only go into reverse but will grind so I pull back into neutral. It did not do this when I first got the car but after I replaced the clutch master and slave cylinder (I did this because it...
  28. EagleGarage

    1G STM Brake lines

    Anyone ever buy STM brake lines? Is this supposed to replace all brake lines or just the ones going to the caliper? It seems like its all the brake lines that run from the caliper to the brake proportioning valve. But obviously not the lines that will run all the way to the rear of the car. If...
  29. Justyn

    WTB 91-92.5 oil filter housing

    Good afternoon everyone. I'm looking for a oil filter housing for my 1992 talon that has a 6 bolt motor. I have a spare but it looks like it's for a 7 bolt so it wont work. Let me know. Thanks.
  30. 1G MFI Relay woes

    Hello everybody, I just picked up a 1G DSM. It's a 1990 1.8 Manual Base Model. I've been trying to get it to run but the fuel pump is not turning on. There's not even power at the fuel pump connector. So I followed some of the things the forum said, and it brought me back to MFI relay. The relay...
  31. ndillon347

    1G 4gcs with 4g63T head

    Alright, so I have an opportunity to pick up a high mileage 4gcs from a local junk yard for cheap. The plan would be to turn it into a 2.2L long rod destroker. I currently have a built 2.0L 6 bolt that I could easily yank the crank and timing components off of, but the question becomes what to...
  32. Brembo

    1G Need exhaust. Need advice. Come on in and join a discussion.

    I just put back my dsm back on the road after about 2 years of being under a knife. I have successfully did 4 wheel evo brembo swap on all 4 corners and during that time and my exhaust completely has rusted awey. I will tell you more the muffler completely has fallen off. I was so excited to...
  33. ndillon347

    Sold 1G Megan Racing EZ Street coilovers

    Ive put maybe 200 miles on them with 0 launches and 0 time under heavy use. Spanner wrenches are included. There arent any signs of use. Selling because I switched over to K Sports. 600 obo. Buyer pays shipping. Call or text 717-250-7483. Located in Central PA.
  34. For Sale 1991 eclipse gs 2.0

    Runs good has a surging idle though. A/C and heat work. Minor hail on roof New tires air filter and plug wires Newer timing belt Will deliver. $1800 OBO
  35. 1G HVAC Ducting

    The problem: My new-to-me 91 Talon won't defrost the driver's side of the windshield.Will someone please post a diagram or pics of how a 1G DSM's hvac ducts should look under the dash? The heat works, and the passenger's side of the windshield will defrost, so I figure I'm missing one or more...
  36. Byrd

    For Sale 1G AWD GSX Megan Racing 3" Downpipe

    No issues with it at all, no rust, perfect working condition. This came off a 1g GSXFirst reasonable offer gets it. No trades
  37. Faponte0918

    General No injector pulse.

    I finally found a dsm in El Paso worth getting into, 1990 Mits Eclipse GS 4g63t standard. I brought it home and started diagnosing the car and replaced fuel pump, cause power was there but pump doesn't turn on, that's done I'm getting fuel but now the car still doesn't fire up. I have spark but...
  38. 1g_talonman

    How molested is my engine?

    Just a quick heads up, I really don't know anything about the backstory of my 91 talon tsi and its engine. I'm a teen that just bought his first car and don't know too much about engines in general.Engine was rebuilt and has 150000kms on it. I'll check over the receipts and find out what...
  39. 93AWDDSM

    For Sale 1g 91-94 Cam angle sensor

    all I have left is the Cam angle sensor, used in working condition.I'm looking to get $30 FIRM plus buyer pays shipping fees. (Shipping comes to $8 so total would Ben $38 via paypal! Not bad for a CAS!)Can't beat a deal like this! If interested let me know right away! 360-601-7716 let me...
  40. cagleje

    For Sale 1993 Eclipse GSX

    Moving out of state and can’t take the car with me. Need it gone soon. Mostly assembled. Has everything besides injectors, hoses, and some small items. Engine and transmission are there. ECU will come with DSMlink V3. Was socketed and inspected by ECMLink. No rust. Engine is a 6 bolt. Balance...
  41. evil_eagletalon

    For Sale Evo 3 Big 16 G, FIC 1050cc, 1g dsm, 1990 talon interior parts.

    Whats up yall.So I have a 1G Dsm im bringing back from the dead. Been sitting for like 3 years. Long story short I stripped the interior and have a lot of interior panels that are gonna get trashed if no one wants em.Im doing a bigger set up (s257 sx-e) And currently running the Evo 3 BIG...
  42. For Sale 2g rad, big h1c turbo,1g dash

    2g oem radiator came off a 95 n/a m/t was replaced by past owner before car was parked for 1 month. It does not fit in my 1g comes with both fans 140 oboHolset h1c turbo has 0 shaft play in/out. Came off motor with 20k miles when i bought it. Needs compressor housing clamp. 240 obo1g dash...
  43. Puller

    Sold 45k original miles, 2nd owner 1G AWD $8000

    For sale is my 1991 Eagle Talon, AWD manual trans. Like the title says I bought it from the original owner and it has 45,225 miles. I have all paperwork. Stock engine down to the OEM air filter and silencer. I did upgrade to -6AN fuel feed from tank to rail nust because I found it easier to work...
  44. Falcon91

    1G Dual Fuel Pumps

    I was told by the previous owner of my 90' GSX that i have a twin fuel pump setup. He wasn't the one who installed it and wasn't sure what pumps they were (owner before him had Strictly Modified in Chicago build the car for DSM wars apparently). Is there a way to verify this info without taking...
  45. clane

    For Sale SOLD 1992 Talon Tsi AWD

    1992 Talon Tsi AWDVery straight and clean exterior, no dents, no rust...Engine: Eagle forged rotating assembly .040 over JE Pistons Ported Head ARP connectors Holset HX35 7 blade plus additional rebuildable HX35 core 1000cc Injectors 3G MAF installed Wideband 02 Sensor Coil-over ignition...
  46. Falcon91

    Battery/starting issue

    hey guys, is it possible that my battery could be weak enough to not allow my car to start? Hooked up a charger for awhile at 10amp rate and it wouldn’t turn over, turned it up to 50amps for Awhile and it turns over very roughly but won’t fire. I’m getting fuel but haven’t checked spark (getting...
  47. ELMO_DSM

    Hello from the Bay Area!

    Hi everyone!So my brother has finally been able to get me to buy a DSM. After him being a constant pain in the rear about how my cars were slow and now as much of a drivers car and all that I was given the rare opportunity to drive a very clean almost stock 1g Talon,a 1990 Eagle Talon TSI to...
  48. patman

    2G 1G Head, Intake, TB on 2g 7 bolt -- is it possible?

    Hi I have a EU spec 2g with a stock 2g 7bolt N/A 4G63 (which basically acts as a 4G64). I have the found a good deal on a 1G valve cover+head+intake+throttle body combo (all stock). I wanted to change the valve cover for a long time now, because it is cracked. The quiestion is, is this setup...
  49. For Sale 1993 1GB Eagle Talon TSi 3500$

    Hello Everyone,I have for sale a 1993 Eagle Talon TSi AWD. I haven't had much luck selling it on Craigslist so i thought it would be a good idea to turn to the forums. It has only 108k miles on it and has a clean title. Paint is in good condition for the year, the clear coat is fading. New OEM...
  50. Adrian97

    1G vacuum ports problem/question 1990 gsx

    Hello! I'm new here (sorry for my Bad English) Okay i have a question, I will put my N/T Throttle Body from my 92 eclipse GS to my 1990 GSX what do u think guys ? will it work? i have adapters so i can connect new ISC and TPS senaor easily ;) But i saw that N/T 92 TB have only 3 vacuum ports...
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