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This site may earn a commission from merchant
affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


20+ Year Contributor
Feb 16, 2003
Tucson, Arizona
My buddy and I are currently going to school at the U of A, he is majoring in mechanical enginering and we are looking for feedback on parts people would be interested in. We will be making parts for swapped 240's (RB20DET) (He has an RB20 in his s14 and for DSMs of course since ive been in the game for a while now and have been making my own parts for a while now so i thought id ask to see what others would like to see. I realize that the DSM market is flooded the way it is but there could be improvements made on parts and parts made to make things easier. Such as IC piping, intakes (cold air setups), misc. brackets like for forrester intake manifolds ect....At this point, im looking for feedback. This is all you guys. Some parts are overpriced also and that would change with getting way better quality. Thanks



15+ Year Contributor
Mar 6, 2004
auburn, New_York
Check my mods. I tune to an A/F of 11:1, no knock, 25PSI timing in upper teens and yet lack the power I should have. Tell me what part you would redesign/replace. I would like a BOV that would hold 25+PSI yet not flutter upon light throttle/easing off the throttle. Maybe a different FMIC? Mark


15+ Year Contributor
Mar 12, 2004
Florissant, Missouri
One that we could all use is a braket to adapt the 3000gt 4piston brakes to a 1 or 2g DSM.


15+ Year Contributor
Feb 3, 2004
Chicagoland, Illinois
Oh, I have another one: a vented hood that doesn't look like ass, but yet, remains functional. The Grey Forest one is cool, but it looks a little odd to me. IMO.


DSM Wiseman
DSM Wiseman
Sep 4, 2004
Eau Claire, Michigan
Id would love to see an intake manifold that isn't $600, a set of cams that aren't $400+, An FMIC core that isn't $500+, and a good tubular manifold that isn't $500+.


20+ Year Contributor
Feb 16, 2003
Tucson, Arizona
That sounds great! Thanks for the input thus far. In reply to the first post. I checked your mod list and it looks pretty stout. Im not familar with those turbos and what the compressor map looks like. I also noticed your doing a GM MAF ect which, in your case, may not be the best decision. How much power is it making? what gas? A stand alone ECU would be something to consider. I run the AEM EMS and i love it. Its not scary at all once you get used to it. That was my key to fine tuning and making the power i did on low boost and pump gas.

I could make Megasquirt stand alone ecus as well if anyone would be interested in going full stand alone for cheaper than DSMlink not to mention the GM maf and translator. If you can spare the change, than AEM would be my choice.

We will be building complete IC kits using primarily spearco top to bottom flow FMICS and short route piping that would not get in the way with anything on the driver side of the car. Not to mention that those ICs are way more efficient and doesnt delay spool up like a big side to side flow IC would.

Turbo manifold would take time to perfect but would also not be SS autochrome quality to say the least!

The Tial BOV with a less lb spring will cure that flutter you get at low boost as we found out on my friend GVR4. I run the larger spring because it will hold more boost. Also, the HKS SSQV will not leak under 25 psi and will not fluter either at low boost. It all depends on the turbo you have and what it flows ect.

I will look into the brackets for the brakes.

Also, CAI using the stock maf is no problem at all, there may need to be some cutting under your airbox but that would be it.

Thanks guys!


15+ Year Contributor
Jun 10, 2004
Denver, Colorado
I have one that is pretty easy (maybe already exists?). A rear strut tower brace that can quickly be removed without tools when I want to carry big stuff. Better yet, a brace that triangulates into the floor too that is easily removeable.

Maybe one that is easily removable for the front too that ties in the firewall.



Supporting Vendor
Oct 3, 2002
Marlborough, Massachusetts
I'd like a cheaper short route FMIC.

I'd also like a strong brace that could mount to the block to fit the 3" downpipe most of us run. I no longer have the stock brace and I'm planning on a tubular manifold soon.


20+ Year Contributor
Feb 16, 2003
Tucson, Arizona
As far as the brace for the block to hold the downpipe up, that will be made for sure. I actually have one on my eclipse because my tubular manifold cracked due to not having a brace there. Strut tower braces could be done as well. Clutch forks would be hard since i dont have the tools to do that one yet, although good idea.

Short route piping for the supra SMIC is definently easy. Actually, i wish someone here in AZ would be able to stop by and we could hook someone up on piping since we will need dimentions and all that good stuff.

FMIC's and piping will be easy. How many would go for that spearco top to bottom flow FMIC with piping for a good deal?


15+ Year Contributor
Aug 16, 2004
panama city, Florida
are you planing on doing this anytime soon? because i would like some lower intercooler piping for my supra side mount soon.

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