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Transfer case...

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


10+ Year Contributor
May 21, 2008
Fort Smith, Arkansas
Here's a little history about me and my car. (the short version).

I recently got a job 200 miles away from where I USED to live.

I had to leave my talon back in my old town at my mums house and leave it un-done.

One of my friends promised that he'd help me out with the car.

I finally found someone that'll put the whole thing back together for a decent price.

I needed my transfer case taken off the drive-shaft and he said he didn't have the tools to take it off.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong.... Once the transfer case is off the transmission it'll just pull off the drive shaft right?

I already have the transfer case off the car. It's just sitting on the ground.
yes the drive shaft should pop and slip right out of the transfer case. it should be cake job. all he needs to do is take the bolts off from transfer case to the transmission and then slide it to side taking it off the shaft from the transmission then it should slip out.
Im sorry maybe it is just me but I am confused here. If your transfer case is already on the ground what info are you trying to find out then? I mean the transfer case is 5 bolts and then it is off the transmission, and the drive shaft should slide right out. So please clearify what you are needing please.
The info i'm trying to find out is how does the transfer case come off the drive shaft.

I am having the car towed to be worked on. If the transfer case is off the car and on the ground, they won't tow it.
Question/thread revival. I am going to be pulling a whole engine out of 1 car and just dropping it right back into a different car. Engine, trans, tcase. So, since I am just pulling it out will I have to drain the tranny fluid and tcase fluid......AND, when I reinstall is there a grease of some sort that I need to apply to the driveshaft when i slide it BACK into the transfer case? THANKS! :D
You are probably going to lose fluids during the swap. Depends on how much you tilt the engine and trans. The tcase should leak anything out. You should have to lube the drive shaft when placing it back in the tcase.
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