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Serious Electrical problem.

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


15+ Year Contributor
May 19, 2003
Brooklyn, New_York
Alright,this is the low down.

Since i had bought my car i've had minor electrical problems,but enough to get on my friggin nerves. I dont know about my reverse light fuse because it because it might have come like that when i bought it. Since i had my car-i have blown about 3-4 fuses(reverse light???,power windows,windshield wiper). I dont know if they have anything in common. One of the weird thing things is that i bought the car and the stereo never worked. It powers up,but i dont get audio. Thought it was my amp but the day i blew my windshield wiper fuse,it had just turned on for a few seconds and i heard a song-when it turned off my fuse blew(wiper). Now i have no fuse in wiper because the damn thing wont turn off if i put the fuse in it.i also have my interior lights/hvac lights turn on intermiddently.

-I have JDM tails that have been spliced and am leaking a ton of water through them and am collecting water in bottom of hatch near spare. Could this be causing it,and why would it affect HVACs/Lights/Power Windows/Windshield Wiper.

Are these all on the same relay,and where are the relays for these items?Short??? I'll have to go through my whole wiring behind my headunit to look for a bad ground. I really hope its obvious.
My guess would be the water is messing with one of your grounds somewhere, or its touching some connections and grounding them out when they shouldn't be, causing your fuses to blow. I would definitely get that water thing fixed first.
Find a wiring Diagram and see if any of these circuits share the same power. Then you need to trace the wires to find out if they are cross shorting. A bad ground would not cause you to blow fuses, the circuits just wouldn't work. If there is some sort of water in there it would have to be on the power side to blow fuses. Check the resistance of the wires form the powere source to the load with an ohmeter and make sure they don't have continuity to ground and then that they don't have continuity to another curcuit (if they don't share common power). If they have continuity to ground then you can find where on that wire its hitting ground and if there is continuity with another circuit you will still need to trace the wires and find out exactly where.

Good Luck, its going to be very time consuming to trace all the wires.

If none of that works, one other thing you could do is get a higher amp (than the fuse) circuit breaker and put it in and look where the smoke is coming from thats where the sort is, but I would leave that as a very last resort
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