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Scraping sound coming from belts


Probationary Member
Feb 3, 2013
Vancouver, Washington
I have a scraping sound coming from the engine of my 3000gt VR-4. It gets worse when the car is park and neutral. Should I get a new belt or are my pulleys just loose?


Proven Member
Dec 17, 2012
Winter Springs, Florida
Is it a "rubbing" type sound or grinding? Is it coming from the belts or somewhere else? Does it get louder or faster with RPM's?


10+ Year Contributor
Jun 12, 2012
Roswell, New_Mexico
Your problem could be anything from an idler pulley going out to your alternator going out or possibley a fan touching the shroud. Try to locate the sound or give us a sound clip. Check your belts for abnormal wear and check for rub spots wear a pulley may be rubbing against the timing cover or engine. A noisy tranny may also be to blame


10+ Year Contributor
Jan 22, 2012
Wichita Falls, Texas
revs are generally a slight bit higher in park or neutral than when in gear...try this, put in park or neutral then rev it to 1500-2000 then return to idle, if there a change in the sound/pitch of the noise try doing the same with it in gear (foot on the brake & e-brake set) then compare, also have a friend listen under the hood while you do so (a LONG screwdriver can also be used to help pinpoint the location, be sure to be clear of moving parts though, by placing the driver bit end on various places & placing ones ear to the screwdriver handle).


Probationary Member
May 14, 2012
Lawton, Michigan
Park and neutral you have a vr4 auto thats rare.

look to see if any the belts are loose just pull and tug on them.

If its firm remove the a/c belt first then start the car. Do this buy removing bolt on altenator, if it goes away it will be altenator, tensioner, or a/c.

If sound is still there remove the powersteering belt there is only a tensioner and p/s pump so your problem would be one of the two.

Pulleys are hard to find for these cars go to they are the only place I could find mine.
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