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RWD 4G63 Subframe mod?


Proven Member
Jun 13, 2013
north branch, Minnesota
Haha wow I've read through a lot of this and yea wow is it supposed to be an 80's stang?? Wouldn't it have been easier to just buy one.

DSM's 4 life

Proven Member
Nov 13, 2011
Buffalo, New_York
why does it have to look like anything? I like to think im building a car simular to the ones they post on motor trend
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Haha wow I've read through a lot of this and yea wow is it supposed to be an 80's stang?? Wouldn't it have been easier to just buy one.

the only mustang part in this car is the subframe the headlights are off a vw mk3
Last edited:


10+ Year Contributor
Jul 11, 2009
Some where in, Colorado
At least you can tell the rx7 is an rx7. Only a trained eye for cars can tell yours is remotely a DSM, and only in the back now. That rx7 actually looks and sounds fun to drive, but your DSM appears as most of it is only an after thought to continously changed, un-thoughtout plans. Am I insulting you here? Not at all. Do I think your continued work has been pointless? A little, but you've hung in and stuck to your build despite the plethora of negativity you've received, so that says some good things in itself.

I too have imagined a V8/RWD DSM at times, but if I were to ever dream of doing it, it would still retain the DSM look. If anything, that'd be the thing I hate about your project. But it is yours to do whatever you please. However, when I asked what it was supposed to be, it was a sincere question of curiosity.


Proven Member
Dec 7, 2014
Tea, South_Dakota
As much as I disagree with this whole concept, I have to hand it to you. The amount of work, time, money, and dedication that has gone into this project is amazing. Kudos for that!


Proven Member
Jan 10, 2009
Winnipeg, MB_Canada
I don't know about this just spec I applaud the ambition to try and make something unique. I mean it is a shame that the car is being that heavily modified and excuse me if what I am about to say has maybe already been mentioned but aren't there delete kits for the front knuckles of the eagle. I know its harder on the transmission for sure but I thought I remember reading something about guys ridding out the front axles and quote on quote having a rwd dsm. Am I wrong has anyone heard or read what I am talking about?


Proven Member
Jul 4, 2007
Akron, Ohio
When we thought it couldnt get any worse. There's no way you can honestly stand back and think that you did a good job. This is the biggest fail that anybody has ever done.

Biggest fail ever? Aren't you sitting at your computer spinelessly insulting someone else's work? Sounds pretty legit to me.

This thread has had a lot of negative feedback, mostly in the style of adolescent prom queen prima donnas that feel everyone should care about what they think. He asked for your advice then didn't take it - who cares? You guys have been flaming him from the beginning, for what? To augment your e-self esteem?

OP - unless you enjoy watching people respond like wild animals about how they think you suck, I'd quit posting.


Probationary Member
Aug 24, 2014
batavia, New_York
i love the car kyle but when i was there i was gonna ask u why not use a wrx scoop on the hood to clear the massive air cleaner as well as help with air flow to that motor?


Probationary Member
Aug 24, 2014
batavia, New_York
they all have a purpose he explained them all to me when i was at his house last week


Proven Member
May 29, 2010
Toronto, ON_Canada
This is possibly one of the most dangerous builds I have ever seen and the internet is a big place full of stupid shit... But this takes the cake

You seem like you have the right kind of drive just your stubbornness ruins any chance you had at success a long time ago. Get over the ego

AK Maniak

Proven Member
Jul 9, 2009
Butte, Montana
After literally spending hours reading through this entire thread I can't deny that I am impressed. You sir are quite ambitious to say the least. I applaud you for having the balls to just say "f*** it" and go all in on a project like that.
I won't try and lecture you about how dangerous this could be and all that but please just don't risk innocent bystanders with this ride. Go have fun on some non public roads and enjoy the fruits of your labor when that time comes.
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