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How to install Lambo door hinges on a 2g

Posted by zachakagoat, Oct 16, 2006

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  1. zachakagoat

    zachakagoat Proven Member

    Joined Feb 7, 2003
    Prairie Grove, Arkansas
    I decided to make a write up for the Lambo door hinge install as I was taking the hinges off so some parts are already put together as I am taking these pictures in reverse. This kit was purchased on ebay and was modified a little to allow better opening and stability.

    Tools Needed:

    Socket Set and Ratchet

    Tin Snips or Dremel

    Angle grinder

    Hex key set

    Step 1:

    Remove the fender of the car by taking off the bolts in the engine bay and around the wheel well. Also don't forget the bolt near the headlights inside the engine bay and under the side skirt cap.

    Step 2:

    With the door shut tight take masking tape or duct tape and place it across from the roof/windshield onto the door and door windows. This will let you see how much adjust needs to be made when the door comes off the hinges.

    Step 3:

    With someone leaning up against the door to make sure that it won't fall off on you as you break the bolts loose, take out the 10 bolts holding the stock door hinges on. Mark the hinges as to which side they came off of so if you take the hinges off later you will put them on the right side.

    View attachment 68749 <stockhinges.jpg>

    Step 4:

    Place the hinge onto the car and loosely mount the bolts into the car. Get all of the bolts into the car then you can do adjustments by tightening them down later. The top on this kit only used 2 bolts instead of 3 like the factory hinges.

    View attachment 68745 <lambohinges.jpg>
    View attachment 68746 <lambohinges2.jpg>

    Step 5:

    Tighten down all the bolts really tight with the door held in place. Adjustments can be made later if needed. Make sure not to over tighten the bolts going into the door as they strip easy in some cases.

    Step 6:

    Have someone lift the door up while you screw the shock into the upper arm mount (blue) on the hinges and then pop the head of the shock (red) onto the ball joint. There are 2 cotter type pins that slide down around the head to lock the ball into place. With shock in place stand back and take a look at your new lambo'ed DSM. Now is time to make rough adjustments on the closing of the door. The green circle is the outward movement bolt, when setting this bolt remove it completely and place some locktight into the threads as it will back out otherwise. The Pink circle is the vertical adjustment on the door hinge, to set this lift the door to the level of the latch on the frame of the car, then go about an inch high and tighten it down really tight. When the weight of the door comes down it will lower down and allow the car to close properly. Make sure to note how the window slides into the weather seal when you are adjusting the nut. Lock tight this nut as well. Also notice the white arrow to the wiring harness, the harness doesn't need to be extended just make sure that it is placed behind the hinges so the door closes on it and doesn't pull it outwards and rip it out of the car.

    View attachment 68747 <shock.jpg>

    Step 7:

    Time to roll the fender. I used tin snips and cut small cuts down the fender and 45 degree angles at the ends and folded them back with pliers and a hammer. You will probably have to place the fender on the car a few times to get it just right.

    View attachment 68744 <fenderroll.jpg>

    Step 8:

    After placing the fender on and mounting it with a few bolts I noticed that the door wouldn't open enough to clear the stopper without hitting the fender. To solve this get a grinder and grind the stopper down at an angle, this will allow the door to open outwards and go up easier. There doesn't need to be much ground off but each car and kit will be slightly different. Make sure not to grind off too much or the door will go up to soon and hit the car frame.

    View attachment 68750 <stopper.jpg>

    Step 9:

    Some kits come with the bottom bolt hole cut as a slide to make for small adjustments. Mine wouldn't tighten up enough and wanted to slide and mess up alignment when I lifted the door after a few days. To solve this I cut a small piece of metal and placed it inside the slide and stop the bolt from sliding at all. This is an easy process and doing this before you put the fender on for good will solve all the headaches.

    View attachment 68748 <spacer.jpg>

    After all is said in done the doors will probably need one more adjustment after about a week after the shocks get settled in and you see how the door closes and opens. I am going to warn you right now that EVERYONE that gets in your car WILL close the door wrong. These aren't factory hinges and everyone will try and slam the door shut like regular doors and you can't. You have to be gentle with them because they don't go straight down like a real Lambo.

    Good luck, pm me if anyone needs help.
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