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how to install and uninstall your fuel rail and injectors

This site may earn a commission from merchant
affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

alright here we go lets get into depth with removing your fuel rail and injectors and installing these components
Im sharing my knowledge from chiltons and haynes manuals and from my own experiences please give any feedback on this thread here we go

1.First just to be safe disconnect the negative terminal from your battery.
2.youll want to make sure that you release any pressure from the fuel system.
3.For obd-II vehciles 90-94 you will have to disconnect the pcv hose off the valve cover. if by any chance you have
a 1.8l disconnect the hose at the other end of the valve cover
4.for 95-98 vehicles its best to tag and disconnect spark plug wires.
5.YOu will know remove the bolts that is holding the high pressure fuel line to the fuel rail and disconnect the line
also be careful cause there will be fuel spilling and make sure that you plug the line thats to make sure of any
debris or stuff to get in there you'll disconnect the the vaccum hose from your fuel pressure regulator
7.then un-connect the fuel return hose from the fuel pressure regualtor. then second you will remove the fuel pressure
regulator mounting bolts and remove from the fuel rail
8.on the obd-II 2.0l remove the clamps that hold your accelerator cable and remove the the cover from the center
between the cam cover.
9.also make sure that you label and detach the injector electrical connectors
10.then your next task will be to remove the bolts that hold the fuel rail to manifold then just simply lift
the rail up and remove the rail with the injectors still intact dont drop the injectors.
11.remove the insulators from the intake manifold note you cant use the insulators again.
12.remove the injectors from the rail pulling in a straight motion also make sure that the o-rings come off with the injector.

to install
1.Install a new insulator for each of the injector ports in the manifold
2.Remove the old grommet and o-ring from each of the injectors.Purchase a new grommet and o-ring, make sure[picture 1]
you lube the o-ring lightly with clean oil
3.if the fuel pressure regualtor was removed replace the o-ring with a new one and coat it the same way was as above
make sure that you can see it being rotated freely(if it doesnt mover freely make sure your o-ring hasnt retarted itself
when you got that going installed right then you align the mounting holes and tighten the retaining bolts to 8ft.lbs (specifications to
chilton manual)
4.install the injector into the fuel rail you will want to move it left to right during the installition process make sure they move freely you will the delivery pipe and injectors to the engine .make sure your injectors are correctly in the port and that the insualtors for the
fuel rail mounts are in right position
6.install the fuel rail retaining bolts and tighten them to 8ft.lbs.on 2.0l engines you have to install the accelerator clips before the rail retaining bolts
7.then connect the wire harness to the right injector
8.on obd-II 2.0l Make sure you reinstall the center cover tighten the retaining bolts to 3ft.lbs
9.connect the fuel return hose to your fuel pressure regualtor, then to the vaccum hose
10.Replace the o-Ring on the high pressure fuel line then again coat it with clean oil and install the line to the
fuel rail tighten the mounting bolts to 4ft.lbs
if disconnected spark plug wires as they were tagged during removal
11.If removed connect the pcv hose to the Breather hose

finally your done then turn the ignition on and inspect for any leaks or things of that sort[/b] sorry for not alot of pics heres the links
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