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How to install a SS braided clutch line

This write up is to show people how to install a 2G clutch line that goes directly from the master cylinder hard line to the slave cylinder. This will get rid of your hydraulic line along with the fcu.

1-Disconnect your negative battery terminal. Remove your intake pipe loosen the 10mm bolt that holds it to the turbo. Then disconnect the plug to the maf and remove the 2 hoses on the side of your intake.

2-Jack the car up and secure it properly with jack stands. Get under the car and locate the slave cylinder. There is a banjo bolt on the slave which you can see a steel line going to. Have a little pan ready cause it's going to start leaking as soon as you crack it open. Get a 14mm open end wrench and crack it open. As soon as it's off and stops leaking push it aside. If your slave cylinder is going on you now would be a perfect time to replace. If so you will need a 12mm socket and a extension. Remove the 2 bolts that are holding it and that's it. Install the new one the same way the old one came off and make sure the rod coming out of the new one is in the clutch fork.

3-Now it's time to get rid of the FCU. This is why we took out the intake so now we have room to get the fcu out.First start by removing the flare nut that is going to the stock rubber rubber hydraulic hose. You will need a 10 mm flare wrench to remove it. Once you have removed that nut there is a little clip holding it remove it. Only thing left is to remove the actual fcu. There are 3 12mm bolts holding it in place. Once all bolts are removed take out the fcu and throw it in the garbage.
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4-Get your new ss line and start by putting the female side of the line in the place of were your old hydraulic line was. Reuse the clip you took of the old hose. Reinstall the flare nut. Now get under the car and connect the banjo side of the line to were we removed the original banjo bolt. Use the supplied banjo bolt that came with your line as your old bolt will not work cause it's to long. That's it make sure you re tighten everything thing back to factory spec. Since i did not have a torque wrench i made them good and snug.
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5-Now it's time to bleed the system since we let air in when removing the fcu. There are plenty of detailed articles on here on how to bleed the system.

6-Reinstall the intake pipe and all the hoses that went to it. Reconnect your battery and go take it for a spin.
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