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2G Front dash speakers interchangeable?

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


Proven Member
Jul 3, 2014
Redondo Beach, California
I need to change the front dash speakers in my 2G and want to replace them with stock speakers. Are the left and right side interchangeable? There are some new ones on Ebay but they are advertised as passenger side. I can't see why they wouldn't be interchangeable but I figured I had better check first.

Thanks for any help.
I thought about it a little more and for the price I went ahead and ordered a couple of Rockford Fosgate speakers. I have a dash pad on my car and I think I'll mount them to the dash pad and then just let them drop in the existing holes. That way I don't have to do any dash modifications and I can just pop the old ones back in if I get rid of the car.
I ordered 4" from Crutchfield, suppose to be a fit for 2G.
Oh crap sorry about that. I misread. I usually just delete the dash speakers.
And DSMkauai, It depends on the model for rears. I've had a couple 2gs over the years that had stock 6.5" all around, even though the bracket was shaped like it was meant for a 6x9. Actually come to think of it they were on a GS or rs. Years ago I used the crutchfield fitment guide and it recommended 6.5 in the back on a 2ga, and they fit, but when I tried to put the same speakers in a 2gb the wheel well needed to be hammered. I dremeled out an opening for 6x9 on the same car and they fit fine. Weird.
All speakers are interchangeable, the only distinction is made at the power source. No real thing as a left or right speaker. And typically, the dash speakers won't be 6.5" those would be the door and rear speakers. I cut my speakers out, and used components in the door with the tweeter going in the dash placement.
I originally thought I was ordering the 3" tweeter replacement speakers for the upper dash corners. What I ordered are 4" for the lower dash section, by the kick panels. Since the new speakers are two way, I'll disconnect the tweeters as they are blown anyway.
The area I'm putting in the 4" speakers is next to the hood release on drivers side and next to glove box on passenger side.
I'm going to put 3/4" tweeters in 3" tweeter location on upper dash corners.
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Here is what I ended up doing with my old tweeter location. Installed a pair of Infinity tweeters through my dash mat.
Good looking install....makes me wanna swap out much of a pain was it to get them to fit down in good?
Pretty easy. I just cut out 4 cardboard doughnuts (2 per side) from an ordinary cardboard box the same size as existing speaker housing and flush mounted the new speakers in them. Push them down in the openings and they hold real well. You could use a little bit of silicon sealant if needed to keep them in place. If you don't have a dash mat, you would need to cover them in some kind of material. The hardest part of my install was cutting the openings in the dash mat. If the openings are located perfectly, nothing will line up.
I dont have a dash mat but I think I could make somekind of metal ring to cover any gaps between the speaker and dash.....good idea with the cardboard to help secure it down in.
If you didn't want to cover the cardboard you could probably paint it and then use silicon to fill in the gaps like you were talking about.
Neat idea with the dash mat!
Here is a tip to make new speaker positioning easier: attach a laser pointer to a camera tripod or some other location above the car. Before pulling an old speaker point the laser at the center of the old speaker. Then remove said speaker and position the mat where it looks best. Now when the laser is turned on it will point exactly to where center of a new speaker should be. All that is left is to mark that spot with a marker and finish the install.
Great idea! Could have taped it to the inside of the windshield. I made a template of my dash mat at the speaker ends with masking paper and then pressed down where the speakers were. It left enough of a crease in the paper to be able to transfer to the dash mat. Would have been a lot easier your way.
To expand on the idea a bit: You can get a laser line (something like this: and use one or more of them to actually outline an opening instead of just marking corners or a center point. Since this particular laser line has magnets in the base what you can also do is place it on the outside of the glass and put some rare earth magnets on the inside to hold everything in place without having to use tape or other adhesives.
Cool little laser, I might have to pick one up just to add to the toolbox. Problem is, every time I go into HF, I buy a bunch stuff I don't need.
As long as you're not messing with where the wires are going to, they'll be interchangeable.
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