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2G EVO III turbo

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


15+ Year Contributor
Nov 2, 2004
del taco, Wisconsin
Well im pretty sure my t04b vtrim is taking a shit on me! when and ONLY when i boost,I get smoke out of my exhaust! It gets worse with the higher boost i run. So im thinking about running the evo III. Will this turbo last me longer than my v-trim did.(about 8 months it lasted) and what are the proper steps to break the turbo in?
If you get the Real EvoIII not that GT crap then it should last you as long as you have the car possibly. As for break in just make sure you prime the turbo before you start the car. Thats all I can think of. GoodLuck. You will see every once in a while a sale on the Mitsu EvoIII :sneaky: Also I dont think your To4 has a J-pipe so you will need that also, and lasty the install kit might be needed. I dont know if the center section for the T04 is the same as the Tdo5H.
the evo 3 is a wonderful turbo, but if you're already in a vtrim sizing, you may want to look into old school 20g's or you can even go with an AGP or PTE because they have 1 year warranties.

but, MHI FTW :thumb:
AS for breaking in the turbo, the only thing you need to do is pull the MPI fuse and crank the car over a couple times to build Oil pressure and then you will be good to go. :thumb:
Yup...just make sure you dont drop the MPI fuse down into nowhere land:mad: ... I did that once and spent forever looking for it since I did not have any spares at the time. Ended up between one of the crossmembers and the body where is was almost gone forever!

Oh and then take it out and have fun :)
Have you checked for shaft play on the turbo? Maybe you have too much oil pressure going to it and you just need one of those reducer things in the feed line. Might as well check it out, no need to waste 600$ if its still good.
That could be the case. I have checked for shaft play and it moves just a little little little bit!

I never even thought about it getting to much oil. makes sense. turbo getting to much oil so it burns it at boost!
Where would i get that reducer part that you said?
I looked around but all I could find was a restrictor for gt series turbos at slowboy. I suggest calling bullseye and seeing what they would recommend. My T04b smokes a little if I give it full throttle but the turbo is fine and there is no shaft play.
Are you running your SS line from your head or the oil filter housing? also, if you STILL have your balance shafts, chances are your oil pressure isn't going through the roof.
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