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car runs and moes but....

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


15+ Year Contributor
Sep 17, 2006
berlin, Connecticut
ok guys soo i finally got my car running, an driving too LOL ( bad axle) soo i drove it back to ct today, doing umm 50 LOL the whole ride cause it wouldnt go any faster, it wanted too, the turbo was spooling up but its like the pressure wasnt releaseing, i couldnt get it past 2500 rpms at the max, i watched the gauge spike up there to around 2000 rpms and then would feel like i was pushing it through a brick wall and wouldnt go any faster. i put a new fuel filter in today (what a beach that was) and i dont know what else it could be besides the turbo, cause when it would get around to 2000rpms i could hear the turbo whistling, when i put it in i checked for shaft play and it wiggled a little bit left/right and up/down (t-25) any help would be appreciated thanks guys
also, the amount i went through was insane, 3/4 of a tank, and i put the good stuff in (93 octane) and usually for any car it only takes about 1/4 of a tank to get from my house in ct, to my house in ri. soo from that asumtions i think its running rich.
It costs less then 10 bucks to make a tester so if your that poor maybe you should try riding a bike for awhile. In all seriousness it sounds like a boost leak. How does the car idle?
well yesterday we had a problem with it not idleing, then while i was driving it and had to stop, it would idle for me at about 7-800 rpms, but i just started it up and it wouldnt idle
ok soo i pulled the mafs out and started it up , idled fine, ran fine, boost gauge didnt move at all, and i got it up as high as 4k rpms with no problem, not throwing any codes or cel's any answers
do a boost leak test, its probally running better because its not making the car pig rich, and I would not run pig rich because you can wash the oil off the cylinders and fry an engine like a scrambled egg (not talking from experience either..........)
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