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2G AWD Automatic To Manual Swap

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

Well here is what you need I just did it and I am quite sick of seeing the question asked over and over again and no one knowing what is exactly needed.

For 2G AWD Talons and GSX only.

Here is what you need:

Clutch Peddle Assembly
Brake Peddle Assembly
Shifter Base Shifter and Shifter cables
Clutch Master
Clutch Reservoir and bracket that holds it to the firewall
Cluth line NO THE RRE one is not complete from fire wall to slave
Clutch Slave

You need a transmission
Rear Diff
AND YES THEY HAVE TO HAVE THE RIGHT RATIO's! You will also need depending on what you have in the car right now, if you have LSD and swap to NON LSD you need BOTH rear CV shafts from an NON LSD car.

You also need both front drive shafts and the indermediate shaft on an auto and manual differ so get that shaft too.

You will also need the center console or do some cutting you yours.

Thats your parts list go find it.

Next intalling it,

Get your trans off and get the manual on. Im not going into details about how to remove your trans and install a manual trans and flywheel and clutch if you can't do that youself forget this swap.

Once the trans is in you have to get your Tcase on and your rear diff in the car all easy if you know what your doing. Unplug all your auto sensors etc and tape em up you don't need em but remember to connect the speedo pick up. Its a square 3 or 4 pronged plug near the rear of your trans.

Get your Auto shifter outta there is a PITA it has 3 cables on it and a couple wire connectors one goes to the trans one to the steering coloum and one to the brake peddle.

Get your manual cables in and your sifter base in. Hook it all up check the shifts.

Now the peddles is where you will give up if anywhere. All the mounting holes are there you just gotta find em. Now for the Clutch master look under the dash and you will see where its stamped in the firewall YUP that big round hole has to be made Have fun! :p I used a hole saw on a 90* drill.

Get that all in and your golden. Hook up your clutch line and reservoir bleed it out and the mechanical is done.

Now you can't start the car because your Neutral safety switch is gone! So you need to slice that sucka pic attached.

Now your AT ecu is still connected and I am unaware at this time if you need to have a manual trans ECU or not. My donor had the ECu so I used it. So look at the wires from your ECU and follow them to the TCU located behing the ECU at the bottom of the console. Unplug all the wires from the TCU your done!

There is all the pics and explaination you can ask for in this thread

No sense taking up board space with extra pics.

One extra thing I am told you MUST have the trans from a 95-96 car to match your year or 97-98 to match your year you can't use a 95 on a 98 car.
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