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Alternator Output Problems.


Proven Member
Nov 19, 2005
oakville, Connecticut
Well, i've been messing around all week trying to fix my car. Damn electrical problems.

Well my car hasent been able to keep a charge all week. I replaced my alternator last week, and the battery is fine. I cleaned the terminals, replaced the fuse, nothing worked so far. Ok well i get my alternator tested at autozone. The guy says according to his little machine I'm not getting any output from the alternator, and he said according to the machine its becuase theres a fualty wire or connection somewhere, so i check my connections, looks fine to me. So i'm thinking of replacing the whole wire all together if no one has any other suggestions.

Can anyone steer me in the right direction in order to do this job? Where could i find a new wire/connectors to replace the output wire.

Thanks :X


Proven Member
Nov 14, 2006
werx, Utah
I have to drink a beer to absorb that info. I know it's useful but my mind keeps distracting itself towards the end.

A.D.D ftl.


DSM Wiseman
Jun 7, 2003
Minneapolis, Minnesota
I have to drink a beer to absorb that info. I know it's useful but my mind keeps distracting itself towards the end.

A.D.D ftl.
ok I'll make it easier. That relay is only a backup in case the charge lamp burns out. So as long as the lamp works you don't need it. In fact my 99 never had it from the factory (some did, some didn't). Also it was discontinued on all Eclipses after 99.


Supporting VIP
May 28, 2003
Marietta, Georgia
I'm up to number 15 alternators now. I had one from Pep Boys last almost the entire Winter. Got 6 months or so out of her. She died two weeks ago. I replaced her with another remanned unit. This one has lasted 2.5 weeks.


This truly sucks.

Who sells a decent, long lasting alternator?

I'm going to rap my dp very soon. Although I'd almost rather just replace the thing. Problem is I have a child on the way and can't spend too much coin right now.

Gotta get to me do so!


DSM Wiseman
Jun 7, 2003
Minneapolis, Minnesota
NO auto stores sell decent alts! They purposely sell alts that have lower prices to get your business. And of course lower prices nearly always means poorer quality. You should already know by now: this is America where (sadly) only the lowest price matters to both the buyer and the seller (and matters much more than quality unfortunately). The auto stores justify this price/quality reasoning by giving you a free replacement policy with their lower priced, poorer quality alts so you will gladly buy it knowing if you have any problems you can replace it free. As you have found out first hand, you have been enjoying this free replacement policy over and over, and of course, you do the work replacing the bad alt, not them. The auto store is fine with this free replacement policy as they don't lose a dime and sell more alts. than ever before. Some of the alts work ok, some only work until the warranty expires in which case you'll buy another, half don't work and they replace it free in which case they just send it back to their supplier for a refund. And the rest that don't work or give out after a while they rarely see because you'll be so fed up with them you'll just go somewhere else. This is fine with them since they already have your money and there are always hundreds more customers that need an alt. who either 1) don't know about the poorer quality at auto stores or 2) are coming here because they are fed up with the poor quality alt they got at a competitor or 3) do know but price is more important to them and/or 4) the 99% of the time reason: they have to have it RIGHT NOW since they need the car for work in the morning and so they don't care. At any rate the free replacement policy always reels them in and/or guarantee the sale - it did you didn't it?

So if you want quality do you have to buy a BMW or Mercedes (and pay much much more)? Well thats one way but no, you can get quality if your willing to pay for it and be smart where you shop. Remember YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! Buying at the dealer always gets quality but you're going to pay triple. The best place to buy an alt is at an alternator/starter repair shop that repairs them for garages and dealers. And you thought the garage/dealer repaired them? No no no. So how do you find them you say. Easy. Either ask the repair mechanics at a dealer where they send alts for repair or look in the yellow pages and call and ask if they repair alts for dealers. In the Twin Cities here there is one shop that repairs alts/starters for 90% of all the dealerships and that's all they do - been in business for 50 yrs. You can get a high quality reman that they've done right there (or sometimes they have a source for them), or buy a brand new one, or have them fix yours. All of these come with warranty and will be comparably priced with auto stores and you will know it was done right. I've had every alt/starter repaired there on every car I've owned for 40 yrs and not once had a problem or return!

But if you're going through that many alts you obviously have a short somewhere (or a bad battery that has an internal short, or bad/incorrect wiring). You have to fix that or you will just keep burning out any new alt you put in. I already gave you a link on how to find shorts.
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