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act2600 clutch problems

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


20+ Year Contributor
Sep 29, 2002
Staten Island, New_York
ive had my act 2600 on my 1g gsx for more than 2000 miles now.everytime i launched the car it wouldnt go into second gear right away i had to keep jamming it in.i launched the car one time and after it became so hard to shift,as time went it has gotten alot worse.

so far ive adjusted the rod all the way out
ive bleeded the clutch numerous times.
has brand new clutch slave cylinder
when i press the clutch pedal in sometimes the car shakes a little and turns off,
my car even keeps moving when the clutch pedal is depressed all the way down.

it grinds in almost every gear especially 1st 2nd and reverse.the car has gotten so hard to shift that sometimes i have to turn the car off to put it in first really lost on what the problem might be,im going to flush out the fluid on my tranny tomorrow and put some penzoil synchromesh,see if that helps .ive searched and havent really gotten the answer to my problem.i really need some help before i have to drop my tranny and see what the problem is.also wen i installed the throw out bearing me and my friend didnt have high temp grease available so we both used anti seize to lube it up,can this be my problem???his car has no problems at all and he did the samething.any info and help will be appreciated.thanks
did you shim the pivot ball when you replaced the clutch? Another thing might be a longer slave rod. I have the same type of problem only not as bad, I'm waiting on a longer push rod i ordered from taboo speed shop.
no i didnt shim it ,it was working fine with the stock going to drop the tranny next gonna resurface my flywheel,replace my fork put 2 washers on the pivot ball .and hopefully that does the job.i dont want to extend the slave rod because i read in the rre website that its not a good thing to do,but ive read about alot of people who have no problem with it
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