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ACT2600 clutch Fidanza flywheel, getting new clutch and questions..

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


20+ Year Contributor
Mar 1, 2002
Kansas City, Missouri
I have had an ACT 2600 clutch and Fidanza Aluminum flywheel for a while. I have always had problems with chatter and have done 3 installs and had a 2100 clucth before. My flywheel surface is burned badly and i dont even drive the car hard. Tried OEM as well as the TOB that comes with an ACT. I am getting a new flywheel surface for the fidanza flywheel, and wanted to know any suggestions on if i should try a different brand of clutch out there or what. The clutch chatter always happened right after the installs and then went away, but for some reason my flywheel surface is very burned looking. Is there something im doing wrong? So many clucthes out there today, should i get another ACT2600 or try something new, or something less prone to chatter and burning. I thought by moving up to an ACT 2600, from the 2100 would grip harder and not have the chatter or burning of the surface, but i was wrong. Any suggestions? Is it normal to have a burned and discolored flywheel and pressure plate after 2 years? I have a 6bolt engine but a 2g vehicle. Are all clutches 1990-1999 the same? The flywheels are not, but the clutches are the same right? Thanks
the clutches are the same correct but you are going to have some type of chatter due to how aggresive the clutch is are you having any problems putting it into gear i doubt it and whatever you do do not get a comp clutch they are junk truuuust me!!! LOL
Im using the street disc. I would like to just purchase a new street disc, but the clutch pressure plate looks too burnt. I will probably end up going with another 2600 ACT and making double sure its adjusted right. Last time i really put a lot of work into it making sure it was good to go and got an extended slave cylinder rod etc. I will go by that link when i reinstall this next clutch and see if that works. Thanks
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