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95 Eclipse GST

This site may earn a commission from merchant
affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

Here's what I've done so far to this bad boy.
It was bucking pretty bad when I would push the accelerator more than 25%. I did a boost leak test and got a leak from the throttle body. I could get the leak to seal if I moved the butterfly valve so figured it was the seals. I pulled the throttle body and replaced all the seals and o rings. Once I got the throttle body back on I boost tested it again and I was getting a leak at the BOV at anything over 5 psi so I replaced it with the forge recirculating valve. I replaced the plugs and wires while I was working on it as well. Once all was put back together I could get full boost without any bucking or hesitation.
I changed the oil which was low. I let out the coolant which wasn't coolant, just water which I guess is fine since it was an Atlanta Car. I replaced with coolant though. I changed the manual transmission fluid, brake fluid, and clutch fluid. I changed out the struts on the rear hatch which were dead and the busted up battery terminals. There was no lid on the wiper fluid reservoir which was full of fluid, leaves and small bugs. I pulled it out and cleaned it up and made a makeshift plug to keep gunk from getting in there.
I'm currently working on the audio system since the stock radio didn't have the code and the speakers were shot anyway. I've got Focal K2 speakers going in the front doors and Focal ACS 6 x 9 in the back to be driven by a Mosconi 4 channel. I've got an old Polk enclosed sub I hope still works that I'm going to fasten up in the back to finish up the system. I'm going with a double din Kenwood head unit. I'm posting some pictures of some of that stuff and I'll try to remember to keep on this thread.






Just when I thought I had this thing running correctly I've got an idle issue. Once the engine warms up it will idle between 1500 and 2500 RPM. I guess I'll have to start diagnosing this issue soon.
I won the Eclipse lottery when I bid 1200 on a parts car last week. I ended up with the winning bid on a 1999 GS with all the options. It's got the 2gb rear bumper I needed, the front fog lights and I'm going to use the rear hatch with high rise spoiler. Not only that but the car only had 13,000 original miles so it's got a spotless and perfect interior. It looks like I'll be doing some interior surgery on my 1995 and swapping the dash, seats and some of the body panels. The only problem is that it only came with one door panel. If anyone has a line on a black leather drivers side door panel I would be very appreciative.
Here is my parts car. Again, I got pret
ty lucky. This car only has 13000 miles on it. The interior is perfect so even though my 95 interior is in excellent shape I'm going to swap the interiors.
I also finished wiring up the audio in the GST. Here is what it looks like in the back right now with the amps. The distribution blocks are hidden behind the amps underneath the seat backs (see photo). I'm going to wait until it's painted before installing the sub.
I should be going to paint this week so my paint guy asked me to drop off the parts I am swapping so he can get started on them. I pulled the hatch, rear bumper and side skirts from the parts car and loaded them into the truck to take over.
So the paint guy is backed up so I am going to start on the interior swap. I pulled out all the interior and then took out the dash.

Then I pulled out the carpet pad from both cars and cleaned them.
Sorry man, when I saw the car painted I got really embarrassed about how terrible the trim looked, and the windshield wipers, and that it needs to be lowered and it needs window tint etc etc. I'll get some more paint pics up soon.
The car is all painted but it got dirty before I could take more than one pic. I'll wash it and get some more pictures going. In the meantime I've been putting the trunk trim and the backseat trim back in as well as preparing all the exterior trim that looked terrible with the new paint. I pulled the upper front window trim from the donor car, cleaned it and hit it with some black trim dye from Jaxwax. I also pulled the windshield wipers and the lower wiper trim so I could get that with the trim dye as well. You wouldn't believe how nasty it was under the wiper trim, just check out the pics. The motor for the wipers was shot and it was making a horrible racket so I pulled the wiper motor and assembly from the donor car. Here are some pictures of the progress. The wiper trim really looks great after using the trim dye. I wire brushed the rust off the wipers and then went over them with the angle grinder. I painted them with rust reformer and then about three coats of gloss black.
Having a parts car is helpful!

That trim renew stuff looks like it does a good job. I’ll have to look into that. I wonder how long it lasts, I have always seen people saying that sem trim black is best.
I am wondering how long it's going to last myself, I'll update after a few months or so. I've looked at the ceramic trim coating but I've heard that once you put that stuff on there it's really difficult to get it off. I feel like I would be ok using the trim dye every six months or so if it looks this good. The parts car has donated a LOT to the GST. Tennessee has a special law on the books that if you turn in a bunch of paperwork you can get a title on a no-title car as long as it's worth less than 3000. I went through all the hassle and was able to get a title on the parts car so I've completely swapped the interior with it and now it looks like I'm going to have to find a parts car for the parts car. Will it ever end?
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