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    • kingje1 posted a reply to a question on the classified ad For sale Low Mileage 420a engine and auto transmission.
      Thanks for asking man. I didn't realize my city doesn't show up somewhere. It's in Nashville, TN.
    • I bought a 1999 Eclipse that was in a wreck on the front corner. The radiator, bumper and front quarter panel were ruined but I have everything under the hood on a car with only 14000 miles on it. I lucked out and ended up with an eclipse that...
      • 20220517_200430.jpg
      • 20220517_200440.jpg
      • 20220517_200447.jpg
      • 20220517_200455.jpg
    • kingje1 replied to the thread 95 Eclipse GST.
      I should be going to paint this week so my paint guy asked me to drop off the parts I am swapping so he can get started on them. I pulled the hatch, rear bumper and side skirts from the parts car and loaded them into the truck to take over.
      • 20220514_191358.jpg
      • 20220514_214531.jpg
    • Ok, I didn't think those things went out very often, I was wondering what it looks like when they actually do.
    • kingje1 replied to the thread 2G AC Pulsing.
      Hey Waltah, thank you very much for answering this post. I used a guage that is probably in the DIY category that you mentioned. It's a gauge that I bought separate from the bottle that uses the self sealing bottles that thread into it and it...
    • kingje1 replied to the thread 1997 Eagle Talon TSi.
      Sounds great. I'll look forward to some pictures
    • kingje1 replied to the thread ConspirAC321y.
      Thank you Pauley and Foursixty, I'm going to order one of the 45 dollar ones from autozone and give it a shot. I've got high idle once the car is warm, first I'll test the resistance on the IACV but if it's not the IACV it must be the FIAV.
    • kingje1 replied to the thread ConspirAC321y.
      You know what, I may be wrong. I'm going to pull the battery tomorrow and get my phone camera down in there. I'm wondering if those three phillips bolts take the IACV apart instead of attaching it to the TB. I just rebuilt the throttle body...
    • kingje1 replied to the thread 1997 Eclipse GS-T.
      Cool ride, any plans for it?
    • kingje1 replied to the thread MY97GSX.
      Great looking ride. Is it just how you want it or do you have any plans for it?
    • kingje1 replied to the thread 1997 Eclipse GSX.
      Man what a great buy. That think is beautiful. I saw the CA plate, guessing it lived it's whole life in the sunshine state meaning no rust?
    • kingje1 replied to the thread 95 Eclipse GST.
      I also finished wiring up the audio in the GST. Here is what it looks like in the back right now with the amps. The distribution blocks are hidden behind the amps underneath the seat backs (see photo). I'm going to wait until it's painted...
      • 7798.jpg
      • 7788.jpg
    • kingje1 replied to the thread 95 Eclipse GST.
      Here is my parts car. Again, I got pretty lucky. This car only has 13000 miles on it. The interior is perfect so even though my 95 interior is in excellent shape I'm going to swap the interiors.
      • 20220511_215935.jpg
    • kingje1 replied to the thread ConspirAC321y.
      I just went outside and checked, mine is different. It has three phillips head screws instead of the two. It's not going to work. Thanks for letting us know though.
    • kingje1 replied to the thread 1997 Eagle Talon TSi.
      Ouch. Sounds like you have some work to do. I hope you have fun with it. I saw your wishlist had audio upgrades in it. I'm a huge car audio guy, what are you wishing for?
    • kingje1 replied to the thread ConspirAC321y.
      I just looked it up. Did your tell you it didn't fit the vehicle? I have a 95 GST and am wondering if it's different for 2ga.
    • Hey man, just wondering. What happened to your TPS?
    • kingje1 replied to the thread 2G Lowering 2g eclipse help.
      Hey man. Here is a link where you can find the tire sizes that fit. The wheel offsets are listed in the 17 inch chart. Just match up the width and sidewall that you want. I...
      • 20220512_180929.jpg
    • kingje1 replied to the thread Black diemond.
      Great job on that man, those pipes look clean and smooth in there. I also like the positive outlook. I need to learn from that. Whenever I break down it's an opportunity to fix it and learn something new. I remember when I was younger and...
    • kingje1 reacted to Gerardo pacheco's post in the thread Black diemond with Like Like.
      Of course brother! Gives me the opportunity to experience something new and with it hopefully some lessons
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