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1995 Eagle Gigglebox

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

Got my first ever Link logs today!!! See the attached logs if you're curious. I havent really nailed down what "normal" logs look like but nothing bad appeared in these logs other than my coolant temps topping out at like 239f :cry:

Confirmed as well that my car isnt running lean and causing heating issues through my wideband. I narrowed it down to the turbo having some sort of oil/coolant problem and getting insanely hot, which has been melting my a/c condenser fans off of my mishimoto shroud.

Next steps for the Talon are the 20g, 750 injectors, new radiator and fan(s), fuel pump rewire, porting the exhaust mani, etc etc.
Big power and, if im lucky, a tad bit of reliability are on their way.
Absolutely cant wait.


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Man... its probably about time I update this thread.

Per the last post, got my 20g installed, new injectors sent off to FIC tested at 775 so I installed those.

The biggest deal of all though: the car is dailyable again. In fact, I've been dailying it for nearly a month now. It finally keeps itself cool via 2 spal fans, and the "run fans at full speed" option checked through DSMLink. While I think it would keep itself cool without that option, I dont want my 180$ spal fan to suffer the same melty fate my 2 shitimoto fans fell to.

I mean, the Talon still has its quirks. Radio is completely dead, sub amp also not getting power, rough cold starts sometimes, etc. Car also won't run over 10psi of boost at the moment, but I have a feeling its due to some settings on my electronic boost controller thats paired with my innovative wideband. They probably could use some tweaking, but I dont really want to fool with it, and I have no clue what settings I need to change anyways. Im just happy I can drive the damn car again.

So many people on my college's campus appreciate the car too. I thought no one knew what they were, but I catch people staring and get compliments more than I would expect.

Anyways, finally got it back on the road! Cant wait to send er to a dyno and have it explode before my eyes ROFL
Wow... a LOT has happened in the past month and a half. Goes from bad, to really really good, so for sure read everything if you have the time :)

So, I guess I'll get into it:

First off: I learned some valuable lessons recently.
1. Always listen to your enthusiast mechanics. Always.
2. If you feel a certain way about something related to your car and people less knowledgeable try to tell you to do something different than what you were planning, dont listen to them.

Part of being young is not exactly knowing what im doing, or having the time to pull it off. Hood pins, though, should have been something I did long ago, but didnt feel confident enough to approach it myself, and my dad wanted to focus on less important things on the car so I didnt install them. I do wish i took much more control over the project since I'm much more meticulous on everything, and it would have saved a lot of time and money as of recently. But, some good things came of it.

Not installing the hood pins came back to bite me driving home from work one night. Yeah it was.. bad. 1st pic.
The piece of the hood that holds the hood down wasnt damaged at all, it just mustve slipped out of place on the interstate after hitting a lot of potholes and bridge joints.
Worst part was that the pins were sitting next to the parking spot in my parents garage. Bummer. My longtime personal DSM wiseman in TN told us to do the hood pins long long ago. Should have listened for sure.

No worries though! Thats why I have my dad's spare car ready to go. I take it down to college and drive it as a daily as the new glass is replaced, thinking I'll have the car back soon-ish.
Well, 1 test drive later from my dad without taking the old hood off, and the 3rd picture happened. Bigtime bummer. At least we were giving a small business more money to reinstall new windshields... :cry:

Not all bad things came from this downtime of waiting for new windshields, though!
Dad went out to some craft stores and got replacement fabric for my headliner, Alcantara to be specific. I think the beige color of it looks PERFECT in my interior! Sure beats having no headliner at all, and the mirrors look great too! Dad even saved my SRS caution labels from the old mirrors, so my girlfriend will likely be able to stitch them on for that extra touch of OEM :cool:

Also got me a new headunit for my upcoming birthday! Apple car play is unbeatable, and I made sure this radio had an HDMI port for Pi-Link in the upcoming future!
I'm stupid happy with how everything has come out now. The stereo sounds so much better, and works finally, and the interior just feels so complete now. Cant wait to daily it again!

And, no, I still havent installed the hoodpins! The CF hood we had on the car is ruined at this point, though, so the stock hood has gone back on for the time being.
Met a great guy at the shootout who helped us plan out how to do the project though, so once we do need to take on the job with a new hood, i feel confident we could do it.

What can I say? DSM life!


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Hm. Not quite sure why the pictures posted out of order after the fact, but just see the pictures of the smashed windshields for what i was referencing in my post ROFL
Glad you guys got the radio working. Sorry I wasn't much help there, but I was totally burnt out Saturday night when I got that text.

Food for thought, when I did my sun visors I just super glued the air bag label on and it worked out great. Stitching it might be more trouble than it's worth since the label is plastic anyway
Yeah no worries! One of these days we ought to chase the mystery of why the 12v wire in the harness just stopped working.
But, for now, its great!

Good thought for sure. The labels still have a bit of foam on the back so i’ll have to trim it off before gluing for sure.

Otherwise, i’ll need to do some long range driving to work and back to check temps, and maybe pull out the laptop to check what the alternator is doing, but its back for sure!
Talon is dailying again! Since the stock hood is back on the car, im closely monitoring temps since it used to get to 223 every now and then with the old CF hood (rip). But, with the cool weather in Tennessee, the needle didnt even move off the operating temp, which is nice.

The new stereo is so good it has me contemplating whether or not to monitor my battery’s voltage through link just to make sure it isnt too power hungry ROFL
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