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1990 TSI. One of the cleanest in the country.


Probationary Member
Jul 23, 2009
Ishpeming, Michigan
Alright so as the title says, I have a 1g that I am beginning to piece together after a 1 year break. I believe this is one of the cleanest if not the cleanest in the country. Anyways the story goes like this, I found this car crammed in somebodies poll barn with literally 5 years worth of dirt and junk piled on it. The car had dropped a valve back in 1998 and was not driven since. The mileage is at a measly 53k. Anyways. I have decided to restore the car back to the beauty it once had. Stock block and nearly a fully stock build. Once the car is running I plan to slowly upgrade to a 16g for a nice somewhat quick DD. Long story short, there will be more money invested in suspension than the engine.










Also, Thought I would add this. These are pictures of the EXACT car I own now, when the original owner had it. Yes, I will be the second owner that ever got to drive it out of the 5 who have owned it!



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Probationary Member
Jul 23, 2009
Ishpeming, Michigan
By far not the cleanest you mean?

Actually I am quite sure it is one of the cleanest. All of the factory bolts even still have the zinc coating on them. There has not been a single bolt to break. Zero rust whatsoever and no sunfade in the interior.

Clean interior.jpg


Pass Side.jpg
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Probationary Member
Jul 23, 2009
Ishpeming, Michigan
Finally figured out my "Build" list for this car. Pretty basic but should have some good potential for upgrading as of now this is my list. The car will be on stock ECU and NO tuning devices. I will slowly upgrade Until I reach the level I would like to be at.

Engine, Bottom End:
6 Bolt .020 torque plated, Align bored, Decked, All mating surfaces milled.
Brand new OEM 6 bolt rods
Shot Peened/ Cryo Treated
ARP Rod bolts
OEM 7 Bolt pistons
New OEM crank
Clevite Bearings
Balance Shaft Delete
ARP Main studs
ARP Head studs
Felpro Composite Gasket
Full Rotating assembly is balanced for 12,000RPM

Engine, Head:
Stock cams
Stock Valves
Bronze guides
Manley Springs
Manley Retainers
EVO Lash Adjusters
EVO Rockers (Weight matched)

Stock SMIC
14b 7cm housing ported and Clipped wheel
1g BOV
Oil feed from OFH
BBFab -12 oil Return
2g Manifold Gasket matched and ported

Stock o2 Housing
BBFab Turbo Back
3-4 Resonators to keep the noise down

AEM UEGO wideband
Autometer Ultralite gauges
Water Temp
Oil Pressure
Oil Temp

Stock Flywheel
ACT 6 puck unsprung
ACT 2600 PP
TRE Stage 2 transmission

KYB AGX Shocks
Megan Springs
Energy Bushings
RM Front and Rear sway bars
Custom BBFab Rear Control arms

Brakes, Steering, Grip
Brembo EVO 8 Calipers
Girodisc Directional vane slotted front rotors
Girodisc Slotted Rear rotors
Ferodo Front and Rear pads
Goodridge Stainless lines

Power rack- Depowered and lightened
Custom Inner Tie rods (BBFab)

Nitto NT05R Radials (245/40 18)
Evo 10 Rims
ARP Extended Studs


Proven Member
Jun 6, 2009
Cleveland, Ohio
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Probationary Member
Jul 23, 2009
Ishpeming, Michigan
Steering wheel is all cracked up i can see dirt in the vents, and gauges, plus no radio. Anyone can clean carpet, just my 2cents.

I dont feel like arguing this, because its a never ending battle. I will say however, This car has never had an aftermarket part installed nor has it had ANYTHING messed with. I think that makes it clean, because no dumba##s have had their hand on it. To me its the cleanest their is, because I know ill never find another even close.


Proven Member
Aug 5, 2005
Granite City, Illinois
I get what your saying, Its basically a blank canvas that you can do whatever you want to and know that its done right. But its certainly not the cleanest 1g I have ever seen. It will be great to see updates as you go along. Best of luck on the build.


Proven Member
Mar 10, 2010
Ironton, Ohio
i thought i had the cleanest interior!!! LOL jk its nice man, goodluck with the build,


Probationary Member
Jun 12, 2012
San Antonio, Texas
thats looks like a pain but im sure it was well worth it in the end looks good


Probationary Member
Jul 11, 2010
Sparks, Nevada
I see where you're coming from when you say it's the cleanest! Definitely a very good find for that price and no rust and everything still in perfect condition. Haters gonna hate, make it the cleanest by far 1g anyone has ever seen when you finish it! Good luck man


Proven Member
Mar 10, 2009
Minot, North_Dakota
Sheesh, there is a lot of hating in here. Very nice find man, it is rare to see a 1g with such low miles and completely stock. People seem to think some built up dust and grime make the car not "clean"...there is more than one way to define a clean car in my opinion. Looking forward to seeing it finished!
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Supporting VIP
Jan 10, 2006
Sacramento, California
Why do people keep saying there are a lot of hater(s) when only one person commented on it? LOL.

Then again, with a title like this you open your self up to it and it should be expected. If you put "est" on the end of a word in your title then you better have the gumption and patience to debate and or prove it.

All in all, it is what it is LOL.


Proven Member
Jan 1, 2004
Bernville, Pennsylvania
Definitely a nice find for $600. I picked mine second 91 up for $400, it was last on the road in 2004, but it sat in the woods abandoned for 8 years, suprisingly there is almost no rust on or under the car. I guess that's proof that salt and sodium chloride are the DEVIL!!


Proven Member
Oct 16, 2002
Jacksonville, Florida
Here's a goal you can work to. Let me know when it's cleaner than mine :sneaky:



The car does look very nice though, especially the interior minus the steering wheel. And just because no one has ever messed with it doesn't mean its clean, or really have anything to do with how clean it can be.

My car had been heavily modded previously, and had a lot of "shady/ghetto" things on it, wiring, parts, etc etc. All it takes is a completely break-down of the car, put it back together the way you want it, and it negates the fact that it used to be ghetto.

Either way, I love champagne 1G's and I look forward to seeing progress :rocks:


Probationary Member
Jul 23, 2009
Ishpeming, Michigan
LOL to everyone. This is all in good fun. Anyways, the car IS going through a color change. I finally started working on it heavily again, got all of my energy bushings installed. Now working on how to tighten up the rear a bit to get rid of that weird roll these things have. I plan to make this car dominate corners, but we will see as we all know how 1g's handle....


Proven Member
May 12, 2004
Decatur, Illinois
You were asking for it with that title haha. By far, not the cleanest I have seen.

Looks like your off to a great start though. Keep up the good work.
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