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Mitsubishi Eclipse GST
Turbo Type
GT42 Variant
Transmission Type
Build Type
  1. Street
GT4202R, top mount stainless steel exhaust header, electric power steering, electiric power brakes, relocated GM alternator, Magnus V3 intake, CDI Ignition with R1 individual stick coils, 4" bumper exit exhaust, Aeromotive mechanical fuel pump, dual fuel systems/rails, fluidamper engine damper, Accufab 100mm Mustang throttle body, aluminum Scirocco style radiator, AN fitting thermostat housing elimination, AEM Truetime adjustable timing gears, Zaklee timing cover, Moroso oil accumulator, Moroso coolant reservoir, battery relocated, fuse box relocated, period correct Blitz body kit front and rear, led headlight conversion, Kiggly racing main girdle, Tial dual 44mm wastegates, Tial bov
6 bolt O-ringed block, balance shaft blocked off, oil squirters functional, ported JDM head, .020" over, Pauter rods, Venolia cutom pistons with dual Spirolock, stock stroke, custom wrist pins, Total Seal custom piston rings, Arp fasteners throughout, 290 ish camshafts with custom cog for the belt drive fuel pump, stainless steel swirl polished valves, 1g hall effect cas, Supertech valve springs, titanium retainers
Mods-EMS & Logging
Link ecu standalone, AEM wideband, Ethanol content sensor, intake air temperature sensor, secondary injector harness for staged secondary fuel system, in car touchscreen car-puter for logging and on the fly adjustment, custom radio delete and carbon fiber panel to display gauges in place of the radio, Bosch wideband knock sensor
Southbend full face Kevlar disk, heavy duty 2900 southbend pressure plate
Brembo brakes, stainless steel braided brake lines, electro-hydraulic powersteering system, electric power brake pump, Evo 8 Enkie wheels
Parts Wishlist
Euro tailights, window tint
Oh, it changed a million times...I was putting a six bolt stock turbo engine together for my n/t 4g63 93' Talon, then I decided after some jealous kids outside of a Wal-Mart kicked my quarter panel in on my super clean forest green Talon that what I really wanted was a nice 2g rather than working on what was now a damaged good in my mind and it would never be the same no matter how much body work was done, you see I wanted a pristine car and decided to stop the plans on the Talon and go with a 2g turbo car and build a nice engine for one of those instead.

So, as it went I put up a want to buy ad for a clean 2g shell, "It can't have any rust, I dont care about having an engine or transmission, but it cant have any rust or dents on panels that I cant remove" months of responses went by and my budget had to grow to afford what was out there that I actually would accept rather than junk, well low and behold a guy messaged me with "Hey, if your still looking for a 2g, I have a complete running car that is rust free in Florida that I will sell you if you pay off my loan, I want to go back to school" so I said "maybe, how much is owed and send some pics" he sent some pics and explained that the car had faded black paint with most clear coat damaged from sun but otherwise was a nice car and that I could "come visit Disney World while picking up the car" well that sounded great but I was'nt all that serious about wanting to go down there on a whim and try driving an unknown car 1500 miles back.

A few weeks later the kid messaged me and said "hey if your really interested in this car, I am planning a trip up that way, I will drive the car up if you want to buy me a plan ticket home" well if the kid trusts this car to drive it up here then who am I to pass up a deal like this? so I bought him a ticket home from here, he drove it up here and met me and my mom at the airport, I handed him a brown bag of money, he handed me the keys and said "'I will mail you the title when I pay the loan off" my mom thought I was crazy for trusting him, but I had a good feeling about him and he held up his end of the deal, my mom drove my 93' Talon home from the airport with my little sister in the passenger seat, and followed me home with my new Eclipse, of course I got the occasional phone call from her behind me with "hey this car is doing this and this, is this normal?" LOL but all in all I got them both back home no problems, that was a three hour or so drive.

After I got it home I started planning the new engine for it, and it was supposed to be just a stock build just to have a nice clean healthy 2g, well of course I ended up meeting a buddy that had a 2g GSX and week in and week out his plans for his car got bigger and bigger and our friendship being a dick swinging contest between the two of us, so did my cars plans, he got a bigger turbo, I got an even bigger one, he got duel fuel pumps, I got a mechanical one, he got a bigger intercooler, I got the biggest one, until I ended up with the beast that I now have, it was built out of competition.

Funny what competition can do!


1/4 Mile E/T
Dyno HP
980 whp
Dyno Session Details
Typical warm humid summer day, around 90 degrees ambient
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