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    • 96dsmftw
      96dsmftw replied to the thread GSX AutoX Street Mod.
      April 2023 Time to step my game up. Konig 18x12 +20 with some Hoosier A7s in 315/30/18. They are huge and require a 25mm spacer but they fit. Couple pics from the first event on them
      • 20230410_183928.jpg
      • 20230410_175608.jpg
      • FB_IMG_1681834992371.jpg
      • 20230410_184241.jpg
      • 20230410_184212.jpg
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      • 20230410_184055.jpg
      • 20230410_185000.jpg
      • 20230410_183934.jpg
    • 96dsmftw
      96dsmftw replied to the thread GSX AutoX Street Mod.
      March 2023I spent some time redesigning my mold for the fender to make it a bit wider. I put bondo in the mold and sanded it down to start with a smoother surface. Never got to attempting to spray in gelcoat instead of painting it in with a...
      • 20230318_135332.jpg
      • 20230311_184430.jpg
      • 20230328_194415.jpg
      • 20230310_134259.jpg
      • 20230328_191959.jpg
      • 20230311_184501.jpg
      • 20230302_185908.jpg
      • 20230308_185848.jpg
    • 96dsmftw
      96dsmftw replied to the thread GSX AutoX Street Mod.
      Feb 2023 This was last year's off season project. Can't believe I didn't post about it in here. I had always wanted to make my own bodywork. I got a cheap 3d scanner and used it to make a fender. I 3d printed the mold and made my first carbon...
      • 20230222_193237.jpg
      • 20230226_175909.jpg
      • 20230226_181415.jpg
      • 20230226_175819.jpg
      • 20230226_175844.jpg
      • 20230217_212545.jpg
      • 20230217_212558.jpg
    • 96dsmftw
      96dsmftw replied to the thread GSX AutoX Street Mod.
      Dang, a whole year without an update. Maybe I'll just start dropping pics of the year here. It was an eventful year with plenty of issues, it was probably overdue as I am usually pretty lucky throughout the year.
    • 96dsmftw
      Welcome back! I definitely missed seeing updates on this. Hope to see some more great videos of it on track
    • 96dsmftw
      Wow it's been over three years since I posted anything. Mainly because COVID made recovery of the car a royal pain in the ass. Long and short of things is: - 2021 spent waiting on the race fab shop to get the new aero stuff on. That didn't go...
    • 96dsmftw
      96dsmftw reacted to thuddor's post in the thread 3D Printed Car Parts with Like Like.
      That's the final version of the trim. I also improved the geometry after some tests on my car. This should do it :)
    • 96dsmftw
      96dsmftw reacted to BeatupVR4's post in the thread 98 GSX Time Trial build with Like Like.
      I love what you are trying to do with the ducting! I'm working on a similar project with my Galant with a Scirocco radiator.A couple of notes.I don't love the top duct. First it's at quite an extreme angle for airflow and is going to hurt the...
    • 96dsmftw
      96dsmftw replied to the thread Bigger stronger w5m33 gears?.
      I thought Neat said somewhere they already have some test cars lined up when the time comes, before the production run. Hopefully that will give us a decent ballpark
    • 96dsmftw
      96dsmftw reacted to turbosax2's post in the thread 3D Printed Car Parts with Like Like.
      I printed these parts for a transmission cooler setup I'm working on. Inlet duct, outlet duct, and filter clamps. These are printed from ASA and it was a big learning experience making parts this big from ASA and avoiding warping. The inlet...
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