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Very Low Dyno Numbers

Posted by ElChupacabra, Apr 12, 2004

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  1. ElChupacabra

    ElChupacabra Probationary Member

    Joined Apr 3, 2004

    I have a 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX with 59,000 miles on it. I replaced the sparkplugs with one step colder and tuned my S-AFC to a pretty flat A/F ratio of 12.5~13, but my dyno is still very low for my modifications.
    Do you think the 60,000 mile service will help?
    Is it common to see numbers this low with these types of mods? Should I check for boost leaks or do a compression test? Any help or similar experiences would help me a lot. Thanks in advance.

    These are my mods

    # EVO 16G Turbo (Ported)
    # EVO O2 housing
    # Walboro 255lph fuel pump
    # FIC 550cc injectors
    # GReddy Front Mount Intercooler
    # APEXi S-AFC
    # Magnacore wires
    # TurboXS Blow Off Valve
    # Joe-P Manual Boost Controller (stuck at 16 psi of boost - the controller won't move to adjust boost up or down, I think its melted shut).
    # Dejon Intake + K&N filter
    # GReddy Hard Upper Intercooler Pipes
    # Extreme Motorsports 3" Downpipe
    # Extreme Motorsports 3" Hi-Flow Catalytic Converter
    # RS-R 3" mandrel bent exhaust (quiet)
    # B&M Short Shifter
    # Clutch Master 2500lb Pressure Plate, Stage 1 Disc
    # Lightened OEM flywheel (15lbs)

    I dynoed at 235 whp and 244 ft-lbs of torque. I've seen cars with similar mods well above 300 horsepower, but usually in the 300 range.

    Please, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  2. QuickSilverGSX9

    QuickSilverGSX9 Proven Member

    Joined Mar 9, 2003
    Fairfax, Virginia
    Well, this may not be quite what you're looking for as far as responses go, but, I would venture to guess that the numbers aren't quite as high as you want because you're only running 16#'s of boost. With an EVOIII 16g and a FMIC, I would think you could run close to if not 20 lbs of boost on pump gas, and that should yielder numbers closer to 300whp. Just a shot in the dark though, would be helpful if we could see the actual dynochart and possibly a log. Raising fuel pressure and leaning out your fuel curve with your S-AFC could also help gain a couple ponies as well. Just some food for thought. I am by no means experienced in the tuning department, far better help is available here on tuners.

  3. TSiAWD666

    TSiAWD666 Freelancer

    Joined Aug 15, 2003
    Herndon, Virginia
    That's about right for only 16psi. Fix your boost controller.

    Road Race Build 14K  13  371

    1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
    377 whp · 416 lb/ft · 2G DSM
  4. ElChupacabra

    ElChupacabra Probationary Member

    Joined Apr 3, 2004
    Thanks a lot guys.

    I think I'll switch over to the Extreme Motorsports controller and see what happens.

    I'll look into getting dynos to post as well.

  5. GPTourer

    GPTourer Proven Member

    Joined Aug 29, 2002
    Birmingham, Alabama
    I have the same turbo. With the stock sidemont @19psi I did
    246.1hp and 266 torque.

    732  0

    1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST
    manual · 2G DSM
  6. ElChupacabra

    ElChupacabra Probationary Member

    Joined Apr 3, 2004
    So with an FMIC and 550cc injectors, hard IC pipes and 3" piping from the turbo back would it be safe to try for 20 psi ?
  7. NOAHSR10

    NOAHSR10 Proven Member

    Joined Jan 17, 2003
    Bridgewater, New Jersey
  8. NewB2dsm

    NewB2dsm Proven Member

    Joined Jun 25, 2002
    St. Louis, Missouri
    Dude your way way to lean. you should be down around 11:1 to 11.5:1 on pump gas for race gas raound 12:1-13:1

    What are your egts saying? Fix your damn boost controller. Also what kind of dyno?

    I made 290awhp on my small 16g on pump gas at 20psi and 302.6 at 24psi and 110.

    I would like to see this dyno graph and you need to log your car and richen it up a bit. IMO thats way to lean for pump.

    418  0

    1996 Eagle Talon TSi AWD
    12.127 @ 112.640 · 2G DSM
  9. 13secGST

    13secGST Proven Member

    Joined Dec 1, 2002
    San Luis Obispo, California
    exactly...you are WAY TOOOOOOOOO LEAN....richen it up and you should gain power...get your a/f to be 11.0:1 that would be perfect for pump gas...then turn your boost up to 19...you should see and feel a big change...

    don't ever try to get a turbo car to have the same a/f ratio as an N/A car...thats EXACTLY how your going to blow it up...
  10. 13secGST

    13secGST Proven Member

    Joined Dec 1, 2002
    San Luis Obispo, California
    Ohh...and bro...the mods I had, all in my list...

    I was making 330-340 crank hp and about 300-310fwhp with a big16g at 20psi...so ya...richen it up...get rid of the knock and actually get some timing...then you'll feel it pull...I'm surprised you were able to get 230 out of it with that kind of tuning/ a/f ratio...I would expect a lot of knock, causing very low time and no more than 180-190 hp...
  11. ElChupacabra

    ElChupacabra Probationary Member

    Joined Apr 3, 2004
    Thanks, everyone . . . . I'll be tuning again on May 14 so hopefully we'll richen it up a bit.

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