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ECMlink Speed density


10+ Year Contributor
Oct 26, 2011
Tucson, Arizona
So before I even ask my question im just going to say I have used the search bar and done a lot of reading, just still a little confused on SD. I'm currently running stock 2g MAF with link V3. I'm going to be installing an FP black I just ordered and would like to just get rid of the MAF and I can't recirculate my BOV because it's underneath the air filter with ETS kit. So my best option seems to be SD. Now my question is to convert to SD do I just need to buy the speed density cable, a GM MDP sensor and GM IAT sensor? And I understand the IAT sensor should go in throttle body elbow and a lot of people are putting the MDP sensor on the firewall and then running a vacuum line, where does that vacuum line run to? And one final question, what do I need to do in link after converting to SD? Thank you for anyone that helps, i just don't want my car to start running terrible and regret doing this.


15+ Year Contributor
Oct 22, 2003
Seattle, Washington
I bought the SD bundle w/GM MAP, and the Speed Density cable from ECM Tuning, but it can certainly be wired in if you feel like saving the money. Yes, you will need a MAP sensor and a IAT sensor. Check out the link below to view a list of MAP and IAT sensor options.

sdsetup [ECMTuning - wiki]

For hooking up your MAP and routing vacuum lines you skip all of that by running this bundle

ECMTuning, Inc.

That would be easy to install on your current intake manifold and wouldn’t require routing any extra vacuum lines. BUT since you are switching to an FP Black I’m guessing you also have a SMIM swap in your future as well. In that case most every SMIM will have 4 ports on it, one of which you can have routed to your MAP sensor. Using your current intake manifold with a GM MAP just find a vacuum source that provides both vacuum and boost and use that as the source of the MAP.

To answer your final question see the top link I included above. All the steps for initial setup are included. Another guide that I found extremely helpful was this one…


DSM Wiseman
Jun 6, 2011
Colo Spgs, Colorado
And wire in the IAT sensor. But yes, the OmniPower MAP sensor goes right in place of the stock MDP sensor.

A word of advice- Make an effort to keep the stock MAS while initially setting up SD. Building a VE table from scratch is no fun.
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