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South Dakota people!

This site may earn a commission from merchant
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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

Bump an old thread back up again. I've got 3 1g's sitting in the driveway. 2 AWD TSI's that will hopefully be ready to roll here soon, and 1 N/T eclipse that's been the donor for now. Text me if you want to meet up around Brookings/Sioux Falls area- (605) 691-1433.
I don't even drive mine anymore, I live 75 miles from premium fuel, its not working so well bucketing fuel in jugs, I'm getting alot of dirt and water in the fuel and making the car run like crap.

Anyone want a 95 AWD Talon? Trade for something that doesn't require premium fuel...
Needs a tranny. The idiot that owned it before me must have redline launched it alot, he broke the front and center diff. Has a welded center diff in it now because I didn't realize the front diff was broken also, so it drives in RWD as it is.
Also needs a rear wheel bearing put on, I bought it just don't have time or a shop to do it in and don't want to freeze my fingers. Needs paint, clear is coming off. Good interior, 120k on body, 40k on motor.
You going to be in town this weekend? I'll be coming down on saturday shoot me a text if you are. 605-691-1433
Is everyone subscribed to this thread? You should be! Well I'm working on the title now, and the valve seals, and the suspension. So close.
hey if you guys are wanting to have a meet we are having a meet june 11 2011 in fargo nd its dsm and evo only
in SuFu here, no DSM though. just a purple LT1 Z28:sneaky: ty and val, if you can't figure out who this is, i'm gonna have to come up there and backhand you bothROFL
I'm always looking for non-running cars or rollers. I usually make a couple trips back to SD with a load of cars. Picking up a few from a couple people that are here while I'm back. Normally prefer 1g cars, but I also have a handful of 2g cars. The 1g cars can be turbo or non-turbo. Manual or Auto. Don't matter.

I also buy CSM's. Here's a load I'm getting ready to run with:


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Rapid City, SD here. Driving a 2005 Evo VIII. Just sold my 91 GSX, but am looking for a 2G.
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