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South Dakota people!

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

matt j

15+ Year Contributor
Oct 1, 2003
sioux falls, South_Dakota
I am just trying to find some more people in the south dakota area. I am in sioux falls and would like to get to know some more people in the area. Hope to hear from you soon!
would anybody on the board from south dakota, minnesota, and iowa like to set up a meet say next month? have a bbq or something?
Hey im from aberdeen its nice to see some other south dakota ppl on here. Theres another one of my buddies that live in the same town that is on here to but he'll probably never read this. haha
hey i am in the black hills area not to close to you but kinda
ya i am trying to find some people to get together just hang out a bit or whatever. ive got 4 guys ready for a meet here but i have a feeling this nice weather isnt going to stick around long enough to have a decent meet.
I just got on to the site. I just got my car back from the tranny shop, it would be great to get something going in sufu. supposedly its going to snow this weekend.
well if you want you can come see me up at SF ford on east 10th, i can get a few of the local sufu guys together and have a bbq b4 it snows
i'd have to say its gettin to cold now... plus my car is goin away for the winter here this weekend i believe haha. nice to see u guys on here. i was in sufu just last weekend too i guess. i just never read it before i went. o does anyone know who has that silver gst i think. that thing is pretty sweet.
there is a couple silver gsts in town, the really nice one is owned by some cocky kid i think, and the other one just mainly sits parked. I have a green gst (the one in my avatar). I am always at work being a lazy ass so if anybody is in town come stop by and bs a little.
there is really no DSM only clubs here in south dakota, so i am thinking about starting one, post up here if you are interested in details at all.
i would love to start a DSM club in south dakota, starting this summer ovbiously, ive got some ideas for things, i think there are definatley enough DSMs in the Su Fu area. I think i might stop in to E 10TH st ford for a sec thursday are you working that day?
you will have to give me a call, i dont work at ford anymore and both my DSMs are in the garage getting rebuilt this winter, and not by choice. I will pm you my number.
Have any of you checked out Been around for awhile, and will get you in with everyone who is in the import scene in Sioux Falls, I was a member back in the day, but moved away from Sewer Balls a few years ago. They always have meets when its nice out!
wow havent seen this for a while but i do want to get something going in the sufu area. PM me and get my number and we can get something going
ajax you should come up here some weekend with the car, i got a buddy of mine thats on these boards also that has a non turbo/turbo. also mine will hopefully be up and running within the next two weeks or so.
yup thats me buddy!!! haha i thought that was you!
hey im really interested in a SODAk dsm club, Im getting my tsi back in july but we all need to connect and get this rolling for sure:thumb:
Hey, Im new to the site and i have just moved to Brookings SD and new to the SD area as well. I have a 92 talon tsi that i am currently working on at the moment.
nice im so glad to see some more dsm people in the middle of a cornfield. We definately should get something together in the next couple weeks and meet up. Unfortunately my DSMs are going to be down for a while. Prepping one for paint and selling the other. Hit me up and we can get something together.
My DSM is down for a while right now too. Its siting at my parents in Minot ND right now. waiting to get a transmission put into it before i bring it down here. Its also being repainted this fall.
ya i just bought a daily driver, so my talon is going to be on the down and out for a while. i am going to send the motor out to be rebuilt once i have the cash and get the whole thing repainted.
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