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shaving and polishing a turbo (any turbo)

So i've been with this site for almost a year now, and i figured i could contribute a little something to the community, so here it goes:
*WARNING* Do NOT start this project if you have ANY doubt in your mind that your not going to finish, your compressor cover will look like crap if you stop half way through. Also, i hand sanded mine, and it took me about 7 hours. I've also heard people using a dremel on their whole cover and taking them 12+ hours, i guess it just depends how tedious you work (and how detailed you wanna go)

So first, the supplies you'll need:
your compressor cover, removed from the rest of the turbo (its a lot easier)
100 grit sand paper, 150 grit, 320 grit, 600 grit, 1000 grit, 1500 grit (wet/dry), a microfiber cloth, and Mother's aluminum polish.
You will also need a dremel if your turbo has a plaque on it (and you want to shave it all the way down)
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If your turbo has a plaque:
step 1: use the dremel with a sanding drum and shave it all the way down, flush with the rest of the cover.

If your turbo does not have a plaque (mine did not, precision):
Step 1: Start with the 100 grit and sand down the whole compressor cover until it is smooth with scratches, you need to make sure you get all deep gouges and cracks out or else you will be re-doing this step.
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Step 2: Move to the 150 grit, and move up until its all even at 1500 grit, now take the compressor cover and your 1500 grit to the sink, submerge them both, and start sanding away, pull it out and let it dry (i used my wives hair dryer, ssshhhh)
Step 3: Microfiber and Mother's aluminum polish.. this stuff works like a charm, simply follow the directions on the can.

Now, put it on, and everytime you pop your hood, be prepared to brag, because you earned it..
This is no easy task, if you made it the whole way, your worthy of having this awesome show piece hanging from your 4g63. ENJOY
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