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Potentially moving to the area, I have some questions

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


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Oct 11, 2020
Fairfield, Ohio
Hey guys, might be making the move to the area within the next year. My partner is potentially finishing her Phd at the Durham VA, and I will follow if that happens. Had a few car related; and non-car related questions about living/life/etc.

1. How strict is the state with modified vehicles? Can you find shops that "bend the rules"? If it has working brakes, headlights, etc is that good enough? I see that smog tests are required for 96 or newer cars in certain counties; glad I have a 95 LOL.
2. Housing/lot pricing - Looking for something in the 1800-2200 sq foot range, newer-ish, garage space is a must (bonus points for detached garages). We would prefer land, 5-8 acres, as she rides horses and we will build our own barn/ring within a few years. We are more than okay with a 30 min+ drive if need be.
3. Are certain areas of the area horrible for traffic, any times to avoid certain areas? In KC now, and I purchased my home in an area where I'm headed the exact opposite direction of rush hour.
4. Job market - I'm a cpa so I hope work wouldn't be that hard to find for me (praying). But, everywhere I turn in KC, seems they are hiring left and right; does this seem to hold true in this area as well?
5. What is the most annoying thing about living where you live?
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Can't speak on most of this but the state is not particularly hard on modified vehicles as long as it passes the sniffer test. Welcome to the area(although I'm a couple hours away).
Well, I'll need to make some friends with the folks that perform the tests LOL. Car is stripped interior, CF panels all over, wire tuck, etc.

Any large racing scenes/tracks?
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