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Possible 02 sensor problem? input please

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


15+ Year Contributor
Jan 2, 2005
Wichita, Kansas
OK well I bought my 95 Talon back in December and the service engine light was on then. The guy I bought it from said it was the computer and could be fixed for like $400. Well the car just rolled over to 80,000 miles last night. Sometimes the car idles really low(100, first tick mark on gauge) or really high(almost 2000), but it still goes. Then sometimes it also dies instead of keep going in the low RPM range. After reading some post on the site it occurred to me the 02 sensors could be bad or need cleaned. I would just like some input from you guys as to what it could be. Also I am gettin maybe 20mpg on good days. I have not had time to have it checked to see what it says is wrong. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.
best thing for you to do is go to autozone and have them run a scan on your car (IT'S FREE) and see whats wrong with your car, before you start buying things you probably don't need. unless you have the extra cash to spare. but your right it does sound like a bad o2 sensor or spark plugs or wires. make sure there gapped right. mine weren't gapped right on a truck I used to own and it acted just like that. but just stop by autozone and run that scan then come back and tell us what the codes said.
OK sounds good. I will run in to Autozone sometime soon and have the run it through and see what codes come out. As for the extra cash...Got none at all which seems to be a trend on DSM owner and well anyone who likes cars. Before I bought the car the guy said he put new spark plus and wires on but checking them myself wouldn't be a bad idea either. Thanks for the input and I'll let ya know.
A complete tune up, boost leak test and compression test before you start pushing the car would probably save you a lot of trouble in the next few months. ;)
Hey thanks also. I bought the car with a little body damage and it was running good with a few minors problems so I have been focusing on getting it looking decent again, cause well a wrecked car just doesn't look good when your 17 especially. I also came to realize that what you just suggested pops up to top priorities. Thanks again.
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