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need logging help

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


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Mar 24, 2005
va beach, Virginia
i just got a m100 and plam'n'stein i have no idea how to work it can someone help me out or give me a link im new to dsm and have my car stock except boost gauge and mbc i have 16g 255fp 550cc's fmic 1st gen bov piping..ect that i want to put on but i wana learn how to tune first. please help
i have that same datalogger. what you do to use it is hook it to your obd ii port under your dash drivers side right of the steering wheel. then select what items you wish to log and press start make a 3rd gear pull from about 2000 rpms to redline and check your timing and o2 readings to make sure they look like they are supposed to. you cant tune without an safc and if you havent installed those injectors or fuel pump there is no need to tune yet. also that 255 fuel pump will need an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator when you install it to keep your pressure right. dont know how new you are to the websight by try searching you will find an answer to any question you have if you search long enough.
good luck
blitzed97 is absolutely correct.

Do you have a SAFC or SAFC-II?

If not, then do not install the injectors.

Also, if you don't have an AFPR then don't install the 255lph pump.

Oh, blitzed97, you get a rep point for your response! :thumb:
thanks for the point. i think this site is great and i've learned alot so i try to pass on the knowledge, as for heater i sent you a message but i dont have aim so just ask any questions here so me and others can all help.
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