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Need Help - Super Hard To Start!! - Not Spark Related

Posted by StreetThisDSM, Jan 13, 2005

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  1. StreetThisDSM

    StreetThisDSM Proven Member

    Joined Apr 29, 2004
    Barberton, Ohio
    Hey all I really need some help right now. Let me explain my story. PLEASE READ ALL of this before replying, thanks ;)

    Well over my winter break from school we finished building my new engine. And I picked up my Shep Racing Tranny for my 1991 Eagle Talon TSi AWD. Everything went real smooth and the new engine started right up and ran great. While out driving within the first hour, one of my accesory belts snapped and got wound up in the other accesory belt causing the engine to come to a SUDDEN hault from 5000 rpm or so in matter of seconds. The sudden stop of the rotating mass spun a bearing. Engine is shot.......

    SO...we pull the engine out. Seperated the tranny and take off all needed parts from the 'bad' engine. I got a used complete engine from a friend from a 1990 Eagle Talon TSi AWD that ran perfect before being removed. We swapped all parts over to the new 'used' engine and installed it into my car. Everything bolted up fine to the block except the intermediate shaft. I had to put a spacer between the block and shaft in order for it to bolt up right with one of the two bolts that holds the shaft to the block. Everything else was fine.

    Well we go to start the car with the new 'used' engine and it turns over hard. It made sort of a wine (no grinding or anything like that). It just slowly turned over and over and over. WE figured the battery was to dead to start the engine. So...we charge the battery and try again. This time it turns over way faster, but still has some resistance and didn't sound normal. The car starts, and on start up a noise (almost like a supercharger starting up) happens. It quickly went away and the engine ran fine. We let it idle for about 20 minutes and checked for leaks, etc.. Finally we take it out and drive it. Drives perfect, no un-normal sounds or anything. It drove and shifted perfect. Felt really smooth.

    I get back to the house and turn the car off. We go to start it again and it does not start, we throw the charger on it again and once again we finally get it to start after much hard slow cranking. But it still just starts REALLY hard and that supercharger noise is there upon start up and quickly goes away once it starts running.

    I don't think there is a problem with the tranny or transfer case because of how everything ran and started with the previous engine that spun a bearing. This just started with the new 'used' engine.

    Is there any difference between a 90 and 91 block? I used the same flywheel, starter, and clutch from my 91 w/ the engine out of the 90. It almost seems like the starter is being held TO tight against the flywheel when the engine is trying to start making it really hard to start. Or just the starter is going bad, I have no idea.

    The alternator spins freely w/o a belt hooked to it. So I don't think it is that. My only guess is something relating to the starter.

    Any ideas anyone!! I wanted to see what others thought before this weekand when we are going to try and figure out whats up with it. Thanks for reading all of this, I do appreciate it greatly. I just want to have a running car again. :thumb:
  2. karbon

    karbon Proven Member

    Joined Feb 23, 2004
    Akron, Ohio
    Where is the whining coming from? If it's from the timing belt area it's probably the harmonic damper. That wouldn't affect the charging system...but check the condition of iit. It has the tendency to wear out and seperate over time. It would make a strange whining sound that goes away pretty quickly after starting.

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    1995 Eagle Talon TSi AWD
    manual · 2G DSM
  3. StreetThisDSM

    StreetThisDSM Proven Member

    Joined Apr 29, 2004
    Barberton, Ohio
    Anyone else?

    Come on people ;)

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