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Is it my block, i hope not

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

da kang3

15+ Year Contributor
Mar 26, 2005
ft hood, Texas
okay i was drivin back from georgetown to pay my bill, and im doin 60 the whole way back. not speedin or nothing, and then out of nowhere boom. white smoke everywhere and car is overheatin. then i hear another boom like i ran over somethin when i was pullin over, but i didnt cause there's nothin there. so finally after maybe about 40 minutes i go get some more oil cause mine is empty :shock: . how does that happen, i just changed my oil not even 3 weeks ago. but whatever im anxious about the idea of the car maybe restarting when i put some new oil in it. i finally get some oil, and i look under the car and it is just pourin out the bottom end. i dont know if it was the oil pan or the block. if it was the block i dont know what imma do. fix it, sell it or run it off a bridge. i know this is kinda vague, but does anyone have any idea what it may be. okay one last thing, try to picture this. in front of the oil drain plug, towards the front of the car, i can see where it busted, it's busted in a way that the busted metallish lookin part is facing me when i bend over to look at it. although im not positive whether or not it was the oil pan or the block. im going back out tonight to look at it and hopefully be able to take some pictures of it. what do u all think it could be, just a rough guess would make me feel better
:) Check your oil filter :)

Same thing happened last night here :)

Also, you might wanna look at your coolant and see how bad that looks if it was a rich white smoke..... hopefully you just didn't pay enough attention to the color and it was actually blue. But yeah, check the Oil Filter.
Same exact thing happened to me. I was cruising at 60mph and bang real loud, blows white smoke out the exhaust and from under the hood, temp goes up. I pull over the oil filter is loose. I tighten it and pour in more oil, I was 2 quarts low. I start it up and it just pours from the oil filter housing.
Here, the oil cooler blew up and I had spun rod bearings. It doesn't look good for your bottom end, sorry. :|
This busted thing looking at you???? Are you talking about the oil pan?
Sounds like you blew a head gasket and possible put a rod through the oil pan.
Check to see exactly were the leak is coming from. Is it above or below where the oil pan mounts?
Check your timing belt and see if you stripped the belt, if you did you probably have a lot of bent valves too.

It sounds like you might be in toruble.
Hmm... neat, I missed half your thread some how..... yeah, sounds like your bottom end is shot buddy.
okay im back, and this time im loaded with pictures. i was told that it wasn't the block, but the oil pan. but that i would need to get a new crank,rods,pistons, etc all over again. im hoping that someone here can truthfully tell me that i dont and that i can just get a new oil pan. but here are the pics and im hoping for some good answers. and if i decided to go with a stroker bottom end instead of redoing another 7 bolt bottom end, could i keep the stock head that i have or would i need to do something else. i havent searched this info yet and if it's a problem then dont worry, u dont have to answer it, im about to search the sh#t out of this forum just as soon as i get these pics up. thanks


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Did you bottom out the oil pan, or shoot a rod through it. If you bottomed it out, the only way to tell if the bottom end is good is get a new pan fill 'er up and hope it isn't knocking, which is highly unlikey. Your block is most definately toast, and I wouldn't even waste my time rebuilding that one. If you are on a budget, but a used 7 bolt block and swap it in, or do a 6 bolt swap. If you do a 6 bolt stroker motor, you can still use your head assuming it is in good condition, although you might want to get it built.
well i still dont know how it happened or even what happened, but i think im gonna do a 6 bolt block swap now instead of pouring more money into rebuilding my 7 bolt and sitting on pins and needles waiting for it to fu#k up yet again
From the lack of scratches on anything around the hole and the way the shards of metle are pocking out the bottom of the oil pan, Something has come from inside the oil pan out. I would jack the car up, pull the oil pan and inspect the rods from the bottom.
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