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Help with pistons

This site may earn a commission from merchant
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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

I heard JE have alot of piston slap. Someone told me to run with Ross.
Why such high compression? I've heard of JE getting piston slap also. Ross can't handle as much horsepower (not like you will ever overrun their max anyways) but the JE have clearance issues. I would go with either 2G, EvoIII, or Ross. Maybe there's another I can't think of.
What compression should I run? That's what someone told me to get. I'm not sure what to get on these cars, I've had it for less than a week. I had a POS '97 RS. Do you know what the max HP is for Ross pistons?
Ross are the best pistons made. People with 4g63s have made over 800hp with them.
i'm running wiseco's, just ran a compression test with 1750 miles on the new motor. 170 on all 4 cylinders. i had 178 with the stock (2g) pistons. no problems here, and only $399 w/rings & pins :)
ROSS I would do a .20 or .30 boar and hone them btw if i were you and get them in 8.5:1 compression thats safer than 9:1 i dont know but a handfull up ppl with 9:1 but most use 8.5:1 on 1G's

btw if you lost two pistons becouse of the valves you just kissed the valves for thoughs cyl good bye too... so mid as well replace them all with some SS polished ones brass guides titanium retainers and better springs.. tehn you can rev higher too.. although if you dont have the green backs to do this then just replace and enjoy stock again...
Are the SS valves a lot stronger than stock valves? I had to take my NOS kit off of myother car because it was taking bi chunks out of them.
2 of the valves in there now are bent
Do you know what the max HP is for Ross pistons?

Probably like 900whp. So I'd assume you're safe to run like a 500 shot of NOS. This is as long as you have stainless valves because you will take chunks out of the stock ones.:rolleyes:
I'm changin' my pistons, too... I'm goin' with Ross. Another question for you guys, though. What about the crank? Leave it stock, or rework it? Is it ok to use the stock rods & bearings?

'92 converted N/A to Turbo
Yeah, and your driving a what:confused:
I'm also going to be using Ross pistons, should be getting them today from the UPS truck along with my other goodies from Slowboy Racing. Evo III manifold, HKS springs, ACT 2600 clutch, 550cc injectors, poly mounts, 255 fuel pump. And next week I'm ordering the Evo Big16G from them. Can't wait till the cars done. Also bought a VPC, and AFC.
ok guys for 2g on 90 laser fwd turbo, are the direct replacement? just rings and pistons?
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