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Custom fuel tank sump.

Posted by monstergt42r, Sep 3, 2009

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  1. monstergt42r

    monstergt42r Probationary Member

    Joined Aug 20, 2009
    cincinnati, Ohio
    I figured i would share this with everyone, and since i am a newbie on here i am posting it here. I have owned and worked on dsm's for quite some time just never got into these forums.

    Before you attempt to do any of this make sure your tank is empty and has sat and aired out for a few days!!!

    This is my stock 1G fuel tank that i fabbed up a custom sump for. I found that the sump kits you can buy from summit were way too big for the dsm fuel tank.

    I started with finding a good spot on the tank then figured out the size of the sump I wanted to make, it is 8" long X 6" wide X 2" tall, i used 16th" thick steel a little thick but what i had on lying around. I marked out on the tank where i wanted it to go then I took a hole saw and drilled 1" 1/4 holes within the area where the sump is going rater than just cutting the whole section out, thus leaving the structural integrity of the tank and creating a baffle. Sorry did not get any pics of the baffle.

    The next thing I did was weld up the sump then weld it on, make sure you clean the area to bare metal really good! You want to face the deep side of the sump the part where your fittings will be toward the rear of the car that way when you launch the fuel will be pushed into the lines rater than away, avoiding fuel starvation.

    I still have not drilled the hole in the sump for my weld-in bung for the fuel feed line, you can do this before the assembly of the sump. My return line is going into the tank where the fuel sending unit and stock fuel pump goes. I made a plate that replaces that since mine was real rusted. I used aluminum, it will have a AN fitting in it. I integrated my stock fuel level sender into my plate i made as well so i still have a fuel level gauge.

    This is just the beginning of my build and the custom things i will be doing! More to come!



  2. troppo loungo

    troppo loungo Proven Member

    Joined Sep 5, 2009
    Toronto, ON, Canada
    You need to get the tank really clean before doing any cutting or welding. Take your tank to a gas tank repair place and they will clean it for you for a price. They may even quote you on making and welding on the sump and re-coating it.
  3. DraginX

    DraginX Proven Member

    Joined Nov 21, 2002
    Shouldn't your sump be more towards the back of the tank on the angle part, the force will push most of the fuel back that way and if you are somewhat low on fuel it will starve out the sump. Where if it was on the angle it will rush into the sump because it is pushing back to that area and then your sump would be in the best position as it would be as far back as the tank itself goes. Do I make any sense or am I too tired and need to go to bed...:hmm:
  4. Defiant

    Defiant DSM Wiseman

    Joined Jan 13, 2003
    glorious Galt, California
    Omigod, someone welded a gas tank and didn't wind up three counties away. Tell Mythbusters!

    So, it's about 3/4 gallon? Should work great.

    3K  0

    1995 Eagle Talon TSi AWD
    manual · 2G DSM
  5. greenydsm

    greenydsm Proven Member

    Joined Oct 27, 2008
    schuylkill haven, Pennsylvania
    whats the best way to clean a gastank before welding it?

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