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Car Pulls timing randomly need help?!?!?!!

This site may earn a commission from merchant
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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


Proven Member
Dec 13, 2012
port richey, Florida
Ok so I have open port tuned car still on 20g till this weekend. My problem is the car when driving normally between 2-3 rpm will pull timing. I have cel to knock sensor on my boost gauge converted. That's how I can tell if it's knock or not my afr and timing are set good and usually only happens when I'm driving normally under boost or alite over boost as we'll. the knock sensor is set to 4 and the car revs up but it feels like it's not going anywhere. I don't know where to start and can't really find a thread on it. And input will help thanks if needed I can post a video later today.
Is it happening every gear or a particular gear?

Mine is happening every gear. Even sometimes when I'm constant on throttle it'll knock and I'll have to let off gas.
Before the car get's to operating temp, it doesn't happen.
My car was getting phantom knock around 2500 rpms, it dropped the timing to zero after because it picked up so many counts. Replaced sensor, pulls hard to redline now with zero counts of knock.

Have you logged a pull?

Mine would never recover from the drop to 0* timing all the way to redline, it was a super flat power curve and I could feel the car losing power as it got up higher in rpm, like around 5k I could physically feel the car slowing down. May as well been n/a....
That's what mine is doing fml around 2-2500 it will drop to just about zero it falls on it's face. my logger is not working right now I'm running low boost till it's fixed. What sensor did you replace? I have a 97 7 bolt

All gears it will pull timing I have to literally let off the gas to let it corect itself.
I have a 97 7 bolt in my 95 as well. I just got a brand new beck arnley knock sensor and put it in and it worked fine.

I'd double check yours is put in at the correct torque, 16ft lbs, also check if the back feels soft and gooey. Or, just spend $45 and get the new sensor. I got it off amazon with two day shipping for that price, its normally around $90
Awesome guys ordering one today thank you once I get it in and installed I'll let you guys no

Oh and my cel came on 2 weeks ago and I read the codes and it was a crank sensor code but hasn't came on since? Tha wouldn't have nothing to do with it right? It was the first time that's ever happened and hasn't happened since
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