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my dreamt dsm
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Oct 20, 2020 at 3:58 AM
Jan 29, 2007
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Im a Chef

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my dreamt dsm

Proven Member, from California

my dreamt dsm was last seen:
Oct 20, 2020 at 3:58 AM
    1. usmc0651dns
      I am wrapping up my build in the next weekend or so and I will put some pictures up.
    2. 9thgencorolla
      Sorry I don't at least not on my phone. Will check when I get home.
    3. GSX_DON
      Thanks man, my uncle painted it for me .. Its actually '' ferrari Red'' imported from Italy.
      The hood is a (Seibon DSM CARBON HOOD)
    4. ChunkyLover53
      I'm not too quiet
    5. Bishikid
      you LIVE on this thing huh lol everytime I come on here you on
    6. ExpresS
      2gspoolinbig....why what's up
    7. vertGST
      Thanks. I am set on keeping the tan top.
    8. l4248402t
      I'm still in fresno. I won't be moving for about a month or two I need to take car of some stuffs here first. I'm sure you'll do much better once you get the 16g in there.
    9. 2g99
      i moved june 18th. im up here for school
    10. Bishikid
      have you deleted your cruise control?
    11. dboyle23
      Yeah ask any question you wish. But be advised, all that I know is only from actual hands on experience, so I do not know everything.
    12. Sprnt76
    13. Bishikid
      Yea I should have them do it first, why put money into it anymore if I have crankwalk now right? lol worst case scenario I'll just sell it. I love DSMs, this is my 3rd one. but I can't afford one anymore.
    14. Bishikid
      alright cool, well maybe the following week because Im taking it to the shop again to get it checked why it likes to overheat. but I'll hit you up after I get it back
    15. Bishikid
      what part of Fresno do you live at bro? if you really know how to get down on these things would you mind being my new mechanic? I just moved here and don't know anyone that knows how to work on cars. I only know the basics, and at apartment complexes here, theyd throw a fit if they see me pop my hood for more than 30 hour you know?
    16. jakelandry
      Theyre exel tz-10's. Theyre an older wheel but i picked them up used for cheap. I work at a body shop and i always liked red 2g's with black rims and a red lip so i painted them lol. Thanks.
    17. Twistedhellion2
      Hey sorry I haven't been on in a while to check my messages and stuff, I'm checking the motor mounts soon to see if they are the problem or what. It hasn't been shaking at all lately which is why I have put it off but thanks for following up I'll post back soon with the verdict
    18. Fotowntalon
      Thanks for the compliments. I actually got people at the track (after my run) saying "oh, i thought that was a 4g63" and asking what turbo I was running =p. Reason I beat you with less whp is because of the 60', one of the reasons for that is because I was on drag slicks, and you were on street radials. Best I have got on street radials was 15.32 But the 1/4 mile is all about the launch, get more seat time and you will get the time down :thumbs:
    19. laser90
      Yep that turbo was a trooper. I put it through hell to say the least lol.
    20. Brian O Conner
      Brian O Conner
      thnx for the advice man at first i was trippin but you kinda gave me hope by saying its just a forums
    21. Brian O Conner
      Brian O Conner
      They have a deal in Indiana a 3 ton jack for 45 dollars but knowing your in Calli which i lived in Diego and prices were more expensive down there. but Hey man shift at 6200 rpm and have a good launch and I seriously think you can get 14s with that car no doubt.
    22. dsmpat95
      With wheel hop you can slip your clutch in or lower your tire pressure and it should help with wheel hop. I did both of those things.
    23. dsmpat95
      How did you launch your car.
      Was there alot of wheel spin
    24. TsiJohn333
      the 550's have about 5k on them. i just bought new seals for them about a week ago and came across a good deal on a pair of 680cc injectors and couldn't pass it up
    25. GSX_TC1
      Your welcome man
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    Im a Chef
    Somewhere In
    beat a couple of gst n gsx with my single cam civic n/a


    Korrey's 98 GST 16g Powered
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