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Car not running very smooth

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


Probationary Member
Apr 6, 2005
Sacramento, California
Alright, I need a little help to try and get my talon running a lot smoother. First off here's what I've replaced since I bought it a couple months ago: tranny fluid, plugs, wires, coil pack (it died), fuel filter (just yesterday, PITA). The car doesn't smoke or anything. So here's the problems I'm having. If the car is cold, like usually in the morning when I try and start it, when it first starts it will idle kinda rough at around 400-500RPM's for a couple seconds and then about 50% of the time will die, and then when I try and start it again it starts right up and idles fine. The other times it will struggle at low RPM's and then stutter up to about 1500RPM. The other problem is the car runs like complete CRAP if it hasn't warmed up. Probably half the power. Another thing that happens whether the car is cold or has warmed up is that if you're stopped, car idling, and you give it gas, it stumbles and stutters up to a little over 2000RPM and then is a lot smoother past that. So like if you rev the engine you'll give it gas and it will just sputter. It's not very smooth at all. I was planning on running seafoam through the engine here before my next oil change which is coming up, the car has 136,000 miles on it, so it couldn't hurt. I wonder if it could be timing related, ECU related, or vaccuum related? Thanks for any help! My dad's Geo Metro runs smoother than the Talon :toobad:
Ok sounds like a matter of different things here one that keeps going through my mind is if its the timing maybe a tooth off, but as for the ecu i dont think that would progress unless you got a check engine light on then i could go from there.but i will give you a coupe of my theories on what i think it truly might be also i thank you for being very descriptive on your problem. but from what i know is that its about 80 percent your timing is off and second you might have a defective coil pack
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