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4G63 History in drag racing

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


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Nov 19, 2007
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The next generation of Mitsubishi 4 cylinder engines where based on the same blocks as the G62B/G63B. The 4G63 was introduced in the Japanese market Galant and came in naturally aspirated and turbocharged intercooled variants. The 4G63 variant is a 1997 cc 2.0L engine (85 mm bore x 88 mm stroke) and came in SOHC and DOHC version. The 4G63T is found in various models including the 1988-92 Galant VR-4, the 1990-1999 Eclipse, and the Lancer Evolution I-IX available in a variety of specs.


Mitsubishi has mainly been associated in the rally and road race sport, but in the last 15 years the 4G63T engine has played a huge role in Mitsubishi powered drag vehicles.

We can't start the Mitsubishi drag history without mentioning Puerto Rico's Sakura Racing. Puerto Rico has a history of pioneering import drag racing in the mid-'70s and -'80s, and it is still a huge sport in the island. Although Sakura didn't raced with a 4G63T engine, Eric Yamil Torres and Sakura Racing are well known as one of the Mitsubishi drag racing pioneers. Sakura started racing in a starion powered 4G54 Colt. The Colt was later retired and Sakura came back strong with a '95 Mirage full-tube chassis with the same 4G54 Colt engine and became one of the top contenders in the sport. In July 20, 1997 at the 4th annual Pan American Nationals PR vs USA at Atco Raceway in New Jersey Sakura became the 1st 4cyl import (Japanese) doorslammer to break the 7sec barrier with an ET of 7.97 @ 168 mph. In April 12, 2000 at the Caribbean Raceway Park in Puerto Rico Sakura broke the 4cyl import record with an ET of 7.52 @ 175 mph and two weeks later in April 30 at Ponce International Speedway Park in Puerto Rico Sakura improved its existing World Record with an earth shattering 7.48 @ 176 mph. Sakura later on retired its Starion powered 4cyl engine and swap in a 6G74 V6 engine with intentions of been more competitive with the bigger 6cyl import drag cars, but Sakura never had the chance to release the beast to the wild and currently the World 1st 7sec 4cyl import doorslammer is for SALE.

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1990 - 1994

David Buschur the DSM pioneer had just traded his 1985 Monte Carlo SS for a black 1990 AWD Eagle Talon. This little turbo 4cyl. went 15.11 in stock form. Late fall of 1991 David Buschur bought the car most people know about. The black cherry 1991 Eagle Talon which became known as "4Bangr". This car is what got the parts flowing. The 4Bangr Talon ran a 13.48 @ 98 mph the first time to the track and a in 1993 David Buschur's '91 AWD Talon became the 1st DSM to break the 12sec barrier. Dave's best time that year was 12.34 @ 116.72 mph. In July 1994, Dave's Talon was the 2nd DSM to join the 11sec club and 1st non-nitrous DSM 11sec car with an ET 11.98 @ 116.36 mph.

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Greg DiRocco was the 1st DSM to break the 11sec barrier.

Buschur's 1st DSM Shootout took place at 1993 with just 8 DSMs. The '94 Buschur DSM Shootout had just 19 cars and the '95 Buschur DSM Shootout turned out GREAT with 47 cars, 25 AWDs, 15 FWDs, 2 Galants, 2 non-turbos, and 3 non-dsm cars. Buschur ran an incredible 11.37 @ 124 mph with a 50-shot nitrous system. Greg ran a 11.61 also under nitrous.


'95 Shootout Top 21 personal best times (NO nitrous)

1.Dave Buschur 11.82 @ 118.6
2.James Kaz 11.90 @ 116.3
3.Greg Di Rocco 12.01 @ 114.3
4.Bill Lawrence 12.16 @ 113.4
5.Jeff Hill 12.21 @ 114.8
6.Randy Burgraff 12.35 @ 110.5
7.Doug Derby 12.45 @ 109.3
8.Marc Hallman 12.57 @ 108.9
9.Dennis Smoyer 12.60 @ 107.1
10.John Shepherd 12.61 @ 107.1
11.Keith Anderson 12.70 @ 109.4
12.Jim Palczynski 12.93 @ 103.0
13.Ray Parks 12.95 @ 105.1
14.Andy Glaister 13.03 @ 105.6
15.Chris Croft 13.09 @ 104.1
16.Darryl Hudson 13.23 @ 102.1
17.Mike Bryant 13.37 @ 102.7
18.Bob Hayworth 13.46 @ 104.2
19.Al Blaha 13.57 @ 100.5
20.Jim Mc Kenna 13.60 @ 105.4 (FWD)
21.Sean Glazar 13.69 @ 99.1


1996 Top 20 DSMs

1. Dave Buschur '91 Talon TSI 11.120 @ 123.35 mph 7/12/96
2. Dennis Smoyer '91 Talon TSI 11.59 @ 119.71 mph 3/1/96
3. Sean Glazar '92 Talon TSI 11.605 @ 120.33 mph 11/17/96
4. Bill Lawrence '90 Eclipse GSX 11.619 @ 120.23 mph 6/7/96
5. Tym Switzer '91 Talon TSI 11.640 @ 118.79 mph 11/3/96
6. Albert L. '93 Talon TSI 11.820 @ 115.34 mph 7/20/96
7. Jeff Hill '91 Eclipse GSX 11.866 @ 117.09 mph 4/19/96
8. Andy Craft '93 Eclipse GSX 11.880 @ 117.20 mph 6/30/96
9. John Shepherd '92 Talon TSI 11.890 @ mph 114.21 8/17/96
10. James Kaz '90 Talon TSI 11.905 @ 116.32 mph 5/26/95
11. Al Blaha '91 Talon TSI 11.950 @ 114.38 mph 11/15/96
12. Marc Hallman '92 Talon TSI 11.960 @ 114.66 mph 6/23/96
13. Bob Hayworth '91 Talon TSI 12.006 @ 115.02 mph 11/10/96
14. Micheal Ferrara '92 Talon TSI 12.040 @ 112.96 mph 5/18/96
15. Rober Toves '90 Eclipse GSX 12.040 @ 113.60 mph
16. Len Monserrat 12.177 @ 118.18 mph 6/19/96
17. Philip Long no 1/4 ET present- on list for 1/8...
18. Jim Palczynski 12.210 @ 112.47 mph 5/17/96
19. Doug Derby '95 Eclipse GSX 12.278 @ 112.14 mph 11/17/96
20. Ken Krejei 12.290 @ 109.52 mph 5/24/96


Sean Glazar '92 Talon TSI was the 1st DSM to break the 130 mph barrier 10.922 @ 130.97 9/06/97.

Tym Switzer '91 Talon TSI 1st DSM to break the 10sec barrier.

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Jack Culotta's '90 Eclipse GSX ran a similar combination to Sean Glazar's Talon, a fairly stock block, a hand ported head, a 20G hybrid set up at 25psi. Jack planned in running a new combination the next year and join the prestigious 10sec DSM club only Sean Glazar and Tym Switzer where part of at the time.

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Mark Hallman's '92 Talon TSI did some engine combination changes after running a best of 11.54, at the time the Talon retained its full interior, power steering, A/C, and weights in at 3,300lbs with driver. When Mark ran 11.54 last year his engine internals where completely stock and a 20G set at 22psi powered the engine. Mark was still dialing in the new set up hoping for low 11s or possibly high 10s.

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1997 Top 20 DSMs

1. Sean Glazar '92 Talon TSI 10.828 @ 131.06 mph 10/10/97
2. Tym Switzer '91 Talon TSI 10.98 @ 124.79 mph 8/29/97 1st DSM to break the 10sec barrier
3. Dave Buschur '91 Talon TSI 11.005 @ 126.33 mph 6/06/97
4. John Shepherd '92 Talon TSI 11.18 @ 122.34 mph 9/20/97
5. Jack Culotta '90 Eclipse GSX 11.252@ 124.56 mph 5/16/97
6. Bill Lawrence '90 Eclipse GSX 11.546 @ 119.30 mph 5/16/97
7. Marc Hallman '92 Talon TSI 11.548 @ 120.09 mph 5/16/97
8. Jeff Hill '91 Eclipse GSX 11.596 @ 120.11 mph 11/23/97
9. Doug Derby '95 Eclipse GSX 11.609 @ 118.99 mph 6/07/97
10. Micheal Ferrara '90 Talon TSI 11.771 @ 117.78 mph 5/24/97
11. Albert L. '93 Talon TSI 11.820 @ 115.34 mph 7/20/96
12. Chris Croft '93 Talon TSI 11.822 @ 118.99 mph 10/19/97
13. Dejan Cokic '93 Eclipse GSX 11.838 @ 118.23 mph 97
14. Andy Craft '93 Eclipse GSX 11.880 @ 117.20 mph 6/30/96
15. James Kaz '90 Talon TSI 11.905 @ 116.32 mph 5/26/95
16. Chris Tichy '92 Talon TSI 11.923 @ 114.41 mph 10/18/97
17. Brent Rau '95 Eclipse GSX 11.924 @ 114.18 mph 7/4/97
18. Al Blaha '90 Talon TSI 11.950 @ 114.38 mph 11/15/96
19. Mark Vanscyoc '95 Eclipse GSX 11.967 @ 113.24 mph 8/8/97
20. Mike Hadley '92 Talon TSI 11.971 @ 115.38 mph 6/15/97


By 1998 the shootout was entering it's 8th year. David Sold the 4Bangr to John Shepherd and started a project most people "laughed" at. He was going to build the ultimate DSM, a DSM that would no longer break driveline parts. He back halfed a '92 Talon and converted it RWD, installed a Chevy 12 bolt rear end and a powerglide transmission. The car made a few test runs right before the 1998 Shootout. It ran a best of mid 11's. The following day at the Import Race held at Norwalk Raceway Park David Buschur's '92 RWD Talon became the World Quickest DSM back to back 10.60's and gave DSM'ers something to be proud of. David Buschur's '92 RWD Talon ran 9.61 at 141.86 mph becoming the 1st DSM to break the 9sec barrier.

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Sean Glazar owner of Extreme Motorsports is no stranger to the dragstrip and has been racing since 1995. Sean's NHRA Quick Class '92 AWD 2,900-pound Talon "White Lightning" forced fed by a Garrett T04 turbo prepared by Turbo Engineering Corporation that reaped the benefits of a Spearco water-to-air intercooler and controlled by a PMS EFI system. To grip the road, Sean ran 15x8 Bogart wheels and M&H slicks. Its best ET at the time was 10.66 @ 128 mph.

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John Shepherd had two DSMs at the time. John's purchase Buschur's '91 black cherry Talon, now the infamous Shep 7sec AWD Talon as we know it these days. A proven 20G turbo feed a Buschur air-to-air intercooler to a Buschur sheetmetal intake manifold. Boost pressure was set at 25psi and Volk Racing TE37 wheels with Nitto NT-555R drag radials tranfered the power to the track. Shep's Best ET was 10.72 @ 131.02 mph. John's flame red '92 Talon retained its daily-driven characteristics. The car still ran its A/C, cruise control, and power steering along with full interior and upgraded stereo system. The car's engine was similar to his '91 Talon set-up, with a few minor exceptions. A 20G turbo at 26psi and 17x6.5 in. Konig wheels and Nitto NT-555R 225/50R-17 drag radials. Its best ET at the time was 10.95 @ 125.74 mph.

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Brent Rau had bought a brand new '95 Eclipse GSX as a daily driver vehicle for his wife and it didn't stayed daily for long. Brent soon found out the next following year it would make a good race car, at which point it became a track only car. Brent raced the car through the '98 season with full interior and power steering, weighting 3,150 lbs. His best ET at the time was 11.11 @ 123.38 mph.

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Dejan Cokic's '93 Eclipse GSX went thru some ups and downs last season and after another driver miss-shifted and blew the engine, Dan went through a rebuilding process. Dan rebuilt the engine internals, fitted the 20G turbo with a new cartridge set at 25 psi and ended up bettering his '97 personal best ET by over half a second at 11.28 @ 122.49 mph.

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Jeff Hill Turbotrix '91 Eclipse GSX was a true daily-driver with full interior, forced induction came by way of a 20G turbo. His best ET at the time was 11.36 @ 123.77 mph.

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Dan Kraft '90 Talon RST ran an interesting combination that netted him with track success being the only FWD along with all the AWD DSM guys. A 20G turbo feed the engine at 25psi while the power was planted to the ground via 13x8 front wheels and 24.5x9.5 M&H slicks with rear 15x3.5 wheels and 24.5x4 M&H tires and weighted 2,300lbs. Dan Kraft ran a Best ET of 11.38 @ 125.66 mph at the time the quickest FWD DSM.

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Doug Derby's '95 Eclipse GSX was the flagship Doug's Dyno Power (DDP) and served as the test vehicle for products sold at his shop. His GSX was a street car and was driven back and forth to the track. Doug's Talon retained all its factory interior, factory wheels wrapped by Nitto NT555R drag radials, and weighted 3,300lbs. Induction was charged by a Garrett T3/T4 by Turbonetics regulated at 25psi. Doug's Talon best ET at the time was 11.55 @ 120.66 mph. Doug planned to bolt a roll cage and continued his testing with the goal of getting his full-weight Talon in the 10s.

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1998 Top 13 DSMs

1. Dave Buschur '92 Talon RWD 9.61 @ 141.80 mph
2. Sean Glazar '92 Talon TSI 10.66 @ 128.73 mph
3. John Shepherd '91 Talon TSI 10.72 @ 131.02 mph (Cherry Talon)
4. John Shepherd '92 Talon TSI 10.95 @ 125.74 mph (Red Talon)
5. Tym Switzer '92 Talon TSI 10.98 @ 124.79 mph
6. Brent Rau '95 Talon GSX 11.11 @ 123.38 mph
7. Jack Culotta '90 Eclipse GSX 11.25 @ 124.56 mph
8. Dejan Cokic '93 Eclipse GSX 11.28 @ 122.49 mph
9. Jeff Hill '91 Eclipse GSX 11.36 @ 123.77 mph
10. Dan Kraft '90 Talon RSt (FWD) 11.38 @ 125.66 mph
11. Mark Hallman '92 Talon TSI 11.54 @ 120.09 mph
12. Doug Derby '95 Eclipse GSX 11.55 @ 120.66 mph
13. Glen Twardosky '95 Talon TSI 11.65 @ 118.63 mph


David Buschur sold his RWD Outlaw class Talon at the end of 1999 and started a 2G tube chassis.

Sean Glazar AWD Talon went thru some changes. A new paint scheme, drop the weight to 2,755 lbs and made a few changes to the engine internals, changed to an air-to-air intercooler and Haltech ECU and squeezed 663 whp & 617wtq @ 30psi & 100-nitrous shot, but still had its OEM dash, center console, and carpet maintaining the factory interior look. Sean's Talon made a lot off progress that year.

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Early '99 Brent Rau decided to get serious in his quest for bragging authority and made some serious irreversible changes. The Eclipse went thru a weight loss diet now at 2,740lbs, a turbo upgrade , a Haltech ECU now controlled the engine. Brent's first race in 1999 was at the Diamond Star Shootout, which he won with a 10.57 @ 131 mph. At his second race of the season at a track near Farmington, Minnesota he scored another 1st place win with a 10.41 @ 138 mph ET with the help of a 50-shot nitrous system. Brent upgraded the nitrous system dial-in to a 100-shot and 657whp. At the Battle of the Imports Sept 17-18 Brent qualified 3rd with an ET 10.10 @ 147 mph and won the finals against Ed Bergenholtz's CRX with an ET 9.74 @ 146 mph becoming the Quickest Quick Class DSM at the time.

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Mike Simon tube-frame 8sec Mitsu-powered Honda CRX.

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Dejan Cokic '90 Eclipse ran 10.63 at the '00 DSM Shootout Quick 8 finals, but wasn't enough for John Shepherd's 10.12 at 142 mph.

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When Eric Plebani's 4G63 powered '87 Starion first graced back in '99 it was a fast, budget-conscious Diamond Star. Plebani's Starion debuted May 15th, 1999 at Island Dragway in New Jersey and ran consistent 11.5s at 124 mph, which was enough to be considered a very worthy Starion. Back then, the Diamond Star was equipped with a bone-stock 4G63 Eclipse powerplant plugged into a bone stock OEM Starion transmission. Plebani swapped out the 20G turbo for a larger T-66 Innovative turbo. The new hair dryer was set for 27-psi of boost pressure, just like the original. Soon after, a Chevy Powerglide was poised and upraded the rear end with a lower gear ratio. In just under a year, Plebani was able to move up the ladder from double to single digits. The Screamin' Starion grasped 9.73 at 141 mph at the '00 DSM Shootout. Plebani ran a personal best of 9.54 @ 144 at the IDRC Maple Grove event August 12, 2000.

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When eyes where first laid on Sean Glazar's new 2000 Mirage race car, there where two quick impressions. The first had to do with the immaculate build quality of the vehicle and the second was, where's the Talon? The Mirage was powered by a Turbonetics T-Series turbo set at 30psi and a two-stage, single-nozzle nitrous system from Nitrous Express. The first stage jetted 50hp and, when activated, stage two added an additional 50 stampeding ponies to the mix. Like the Talon, engine management chores are handled by a Haltech system. The Talon ran an E6S-8 and the Mirage runs on an E6K. After playing with the program for a while, Sean's Mirage ended up with 603.4 hp and 513.4 ft-lbs. The traction equation greatly changed from all-wheel drive to front-wheel drive. The slicks are 8.7x25x13s mounted to 13x8 Bogart Racing Pro 4 wheels while the rear consists of skinnies-15x3.5 Bogeys and 2x24x15 rubber. The 4G63 made its debut at the Virginia Battle Of The Imports. At its first event and its sixth pass ever, the Mirage boosted its way into the 9-second club with a 9.95 at 150.30 mph. Problems with the 1st gear synchros had forced Glazar to launch in second gear. That's right, the Mirage ran a 9-second ET while launching in second gear. The Mirage was tweaked for more power and the crew set off for the IDRC event at Englishtown. Right out of the box, the Mirage screamed to a 9.73 at 152 mph.

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At Oct 1 at the Route 66 Battle of the Imports in Joliet, Illinois, Sean Glazar brought back his Talon and clicked off insane numbers after 10 months of down time blasting a 9.22 @ 153 mph and winning the Quick Class finals.

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Brent Rau ran 9.18 @ 152 mph to lead the Quick Class as the quickest car at the time.

David Buschur built the Orange AWD shop car. The car ran 10.03 at 139 mph with no Nitrous, all steel body parts and a standard DSM 5 speed transmission in it. It became the World Quickest non-nitrous'd DSM.

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Top 10 DSM as of early 2000

1. Dave Buschur '92 Talon RWD 9.43 @ 141 mph
2. Sean Glazar '92 Talon TSI 9.57 @ 148 mph
3. Brent Rau '95 Eclipse GSX 9.74 @ 146 mph
4. Garry Marsh '90 Laser RS (FWD) 10.23 @ 137 mph
5. Lyle Henry '95 Eclipse GSX 10.54 @ 133 mph
6. Earl Hinds '78 Corolla (RWD) 10.69 @ 127 mph
7. John Shepherd '91 Talon TSI 10.70 @ 132 mph
8. Jeff Hill '91 Eclipse GSX 10.73 @ 132 mph
9. Todd Chiamparino "90 Eclipse GSX 10.74 @ 135 mph
10. Dan Kraft '90 Eclipse RS (FWD) 10.76 @ 135 mph


The 1998 Eagle Talon tube chassis car was finished by Gary Reese chassis in the early spring of 2001. The first time at the track the car ran a 9.0 on a partial pass. David Buschur's 98 RWD Talon became the 1st DSM to break the 8sec barrier. They ran a best of 8.04 at 172.8 mph the first year with the car.

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Sean Glazar was fighting to become the NHRA Quick Class "Top Dog" since day one. The NHRA Quick Class was the most competitive class of racing at the time. Becoming the "Top Dog" wasn't an easy task. Sean's Talon underwent a diet and a turbo upgrade generated nearly 800 hp at the wheels. Due to the different regulations between drag racing sanctioning bodies, Glazar has to alter the weight of the Talon by as much as 200 lbs between races (NIRA: 2,330 lbs vs. IDRC: 2535 lbs.). At the IDRC Maple Grove event on October 21, 2001, Sean tore off a scorching 8.875-sec. at 153.85 mph during competition, making it the first ever 8-second pass by a Quick Class car. Prior to the mind blowing run, Glazar already set the pace with a 9.02, 9.04 and 9.08 run on the quarter. When Sean ran its 8.875, it was still at a heavy 2535. At the IDRC Nationals Quick Class finals at Moroso Raceway Park in Florida, Sean blistered a 9.28 @ 155 mph against Mike Crawford's FWD Neon 9.72 @ 133 mph taking the win.

Len Monserrat's Outlaw Class AWD Eclipse was featured as a 10-second racer earlier this year but at the IDRC Nationals at Moroso Raceway Park in Florida Len ran a personal best of 9.37.

Nov 11 at the IDRC Long Horn Nationals semi-finals in San Antonio, TX, John Shepherd looking to increase his IDRC Street Class points lead blasted a personal record ET 9.898 at 147 mph on drag radials . Shep won 8 IDRC events that year and became the IDRC Street Class champ.


In July 4th weekend David Buschur's '98 RWD Talon ran 7.81 at 175 mph becoming the 1st DSM to break the 7sec barrier at the IDRC Summer Slam Nationals at Englishtown, New Jersey .

Brent Rau debuted the '99 RWD Eclipse at Atco Raceway August 02. The first pass off the trailer was riddle with suspense and ran a low 10sec pass. However, the car steadily improved at the semi-finals with an impressive 8.63 @ 156 mph, but was outran. Since then, Brent and his team kept pushing the car harder during the season yielding a best ET of 7.98 @ 168 mph during a Battle of the Imports race. With just 9 passes in the season it was clear Brent's Pro Outlaw Eclipse was going places.

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John Shepherd won the IDRC Street Class Championship. Nov, 9 Shep ran a personal best ET 9.35 @ 152mph.


Brent Rau's Eclipse became the first NDRA Pro Outlaw rear-driver to make it into the 7s (7.96 at 172.36 mph)

Early 2003 Buschur built a RWD Conquest. This is a gorgeous car. Kevin Lawson, a very good friend of Dave had the duties to pilot the car. With just a 10″ tire, no wheel tubs, power windows, carpet, all functioning lights and a sunroof the car ran a best of 8.61 at 158 mph.

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In July David Buschur was at Englishtown, NJ racing his tube chassis Talon and ended up crashing it against the wall at 150mph. Buschur fixed the Talon, but as 2005 it hasn't been ran again.

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John Shepherd joined the 8sec club at Oct 5 with an impressive 8.76 @ 165 mph.

Automotosports (AMS Performance) employees campaigned three street class cars in Nopi's NDRA race series. It was a rough first year as they were running against the Efantis and Titan race proven Toyota Supras. AMS was definitely out classed but made 90% of the events that year. It was a good learning experience for them as it was the first national racing circuit they attempted to compete in. 2003 was also the year the Mitsubishi Evolution VIII arrived. AMS was the first in the area to have one and immediately started work on improving the already potent platform. In mid 2003, AMS had already begun the development of the Evo 8 T3/T4 kit. The tubular header design was optimized and a lot of time was spent perfecting the ultimate combination of turbine and compressor sizes for the turbo kit. AMS was looking for the most power without compromising spool-up time. Twelve different combinations netted what has become the most popular spec'd GT35RLS found in most 4G63 applications for years to come.


Curt Brown became the world quickest non-nitrous DSM with a ET 9.41 @ 146 mph

Russ Coxe VRC Racing '95 Eclipse GSX became the 1st automatic DSM to join the 9sec club with an ET 9.70 @ 139mph.

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Dale Nardozzi became the world quickest Galant VR4 10.27 @ 132 mph.

In the fall Tim Salefski piloted the AMS Evo to a full weight Evo record of 10.53 @ 137 mph.

Robert Barac '94 Evolution III ran a full interior, full exhaust and BFGoodrich street tires, and Garrett GT35R turbo 1.06 A/R on the turbine side & .70 A/R compressor @ 35psi controlled by a Haltech EGK engine management system generating 589whp and a best ET 9.97 @ 145 mph at Willowbank Raceway in Queensland .

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In Oct 16 at the NDRA Finals at Norwalk Raceway Brent Rau in his Osofaast Racing Eclipse ran a 7.0 in the first round and then a unreal 6.97 @ 198mph. Brent Rau took the Pro Outlaw RWD win, became the 1st Pro Outlaw car to break the 6sec barrier and the world quickest 4 cylinder.

In Oct 2 at the NHRA Fall National at Old Bridgetown Raceway John Shepherd ran an impressive 7.97 @ 179 mph and made history becoming the world 1st 4cyl AWD and 2nd AWD ever to join the 7sec club.

At the end of the 2004 season AMS converted the Drag Evo 8 into a Road Racing Evo, still kept drag racing and in September the AMS shattered the long standing ¼ mile record for an Evo 8 by running a 9.41 @ 150 mph.
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At the DSM Shootout Shep ran an impressive 7.95 @ 182 mph without nitrous becoming the quickest non-nitrous DSM. In Nov 5 at the World Cup Finals Imports vs Domestic at Maryland International Dragway Shep ran a personal best ET 7.70 @ 191 mph, a record that still stands as the world quickest Mitsubishi AWD.

Marco Passante of Magnus Motorsports blew away the Quick 16 competition at the DSM Shootout with numerous 8-second runs taking the class win. His best ET at the Shootout 8.70@162mph

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AMS continued to run quicker times in the Drag Evo 8 working down to A 8.97 @ 165 mph.


Kevin Kwiahlowski's FWD 1G posted mid-9-second passes all day long at the Buschur Mitsubishi/Subaru Showdown.

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The AMS drag car was able to reclaim the title as World's Quickest Evo VIII by beating the standing record of 8.95. AMS secured the record early in the season with an 8.75 only to beat the record again at the Buschur Racing Mitsubishi/Subaru Showdown with an 8.56 run.

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In Oct 24 at Route 66 Raceway Brent Rau's Magnus powered Eclipse ran a personal best 6.82 @ 202 mph @ 86lb of boost and 10.5 tires, to this day Brent Rau and his beast still owns bragging rights as the world quickest Mitsubishi doorslammer car.

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In Sept 25 the AMS Evo VIII ran a 1/4 Personal Best 8.42 @ 168 mph. The AMS crew steered away from drag racing the Evo 8 and stayed campaigning it at Time Attack events having one of their best season up to date. In addition to what was already on the table AMS took in the Nissan GTRs plateau.


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Michael Bradley's HD2 Racing RWD Evo 8 at Fram Autolite Dragway Test & Tune ran 8.5 at low boost. At the Spring Nationals switched to high boost and ran 7.87 @ 169 mph.

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Priceless information! Puts things into perspective in terms of how far DSMs have come...
Thanks for the Memories!! still hard to believe it's been 20+years. That's back when you could find a DSM in every magazine. Turbo mag(r.i.p.) had that article about the Mitsubishi Vs Honda battle, Suruka graced the pages Still have all those copies. And who can't forget the slogan FAST WITH CLASS!!!!:hellyeah:
Awesome read and good work I shared it on our Facebook page can't wait to read more.

I personally know the guy that sold the engine to sakura racing to be the first 7sec 4cylinder small world best friends with his son LOL can't wait to show him
I personally know the guy that sold the engine to sakura racing to be the first 7sec 4cylinder small world best friends with his son LOL can't wait to show him

:). Erik Yamil Torres was at my house this week...
Thank everyone who have like it... I need to finish and update the story as soon as possible, I just been real busy. I also need to update the Top 50 list..
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