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1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX

This site may earn a commission from merchant
affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

Alright, gonna use this as a build/progress journal of sorts I suppose. I am beyond stoked to dive in to this project, get to know this car inside and out, and get her back to 100%. Bought the car from Rix Racing, pretty much entirely on his reputation alone. Still blows my mind that I own 2 (And 1/3) cars now. It's amazing what a mental difference there is when your livelihood doesn't depend on one or the other being at 100% all the time. Takes so much pressure off when it comes to exploring, testing things, or saving for parts. It's all fun and zero stress for this one

Decided to go with Frelse as a name. I'm a sucker for pure stock stuff, so ideally I want it to look and run like new. I just want to have something people walk up to at cars and coffee and say 'damn, that looks mint'. But my buddies are hellbent on convincing me to gut it, weld in a roll cage, and turn it into a 500hp time attack machine LOL. Regardless, lots of work ahead of me. She's a little world weary, she's seen better days, and it's going to take some work to get her back to tip top shape; but the motor is solid and the body is perfect in all the places it should be. I'm excited to dig in.

So here's all the bad. It seems like a lot when I type it all out, but I'm undeterred by any of it. This is a 30 year old car that was rescued from part-out, and every flaw I find is every bit as much an opportunity to learn something new or upgrade.

The clearcoat is gone and the paint is in rough shape, weather stripping on doors is iffy/unfastened, and the sunroof weatherstrip is gone. Literally NO-ONE has a good solution for weatherstripping, so I don't know whether to replace it with something DIY or just swap out the whole damn roof haha. Interior is clean but sun-bleached, and needs tightened up in places where brittle fasteners have snapped, dash is warped, parts are scratched/dented, etc. Passenger seat does not move, rail is definitely going to need replaced. Steering wheel is sun damaged. Passenger exterior door handle doesn't work (also key doesn't work on it. possibly not original?). Small rust spot on driver fender, I feel like it's missing something on the front bumper, but I am not familiar enough with how these cars look in person to know what makes me feel that way. Wing is loose, but that's apparently not uncommon. I already have the clips to fix it. There is zero lighting in the dash and the radio doesn't work, so no night rides until I can sort out those electrical issues.

Gas pedal is soft (probably just old and worn out), A/C is deleted. I might actually put that back at some point because I'm a ***** when it comes to baking on the tarmac in muggy Indiana summers LOL. It has the infamous idle surge, so that's gonna be fun to figure out (patched a few holes in the intercooler, which helped, but didn't solve). It had... zero coolant, and someone had disconnected the low coolant sensor, which makes me mildly uncomfortable. Wastegate solenoid was also disconnected, so... that plus the a/c and cat delete tells me this car was probably extra spicy at some point in its life. Reverse switch is disconnected and I can't seem to find it anywhere. Found some exposed wires in the general vicinity though so I have my suspicions LOL.

Going to visit the belts, plugs, and vacuum lines at some point sooner than later, just because of the age, but that's it for the super long to-address list. I'll hop on tomorrow or day after to put my plans in writing.

I listed the weather striping on eBay, they are hard to come by and didn’t know the value. Here is the link. If you look at “sellers other listings “ on eBay , I have a few parts listed too.
I also have a near perfect Oem shift knob, Greta condition stock shift boot , ash tray, driver fender , doors , rear bumper , center console , rear washer tank , rear bumper reflectors, cig lighter , 6 bolt head fresh machined, 6 bolt short block , 2 shifters , dash cluster 168k miles , some interior trim.

Let me know if you are looking for something else , I’m sure I have parts I haven’t listed
I’m also from Indianapolis. Hope to see you around this summer
Ah, bummed I missed this post. Happy to see another member in Indy though! I'm going to be splitting time and resources between Frelse and a Datsun project I have going, but I desperately want to get the eclipse on the road for summer. It started having the bouncing idle issue and I set it to the side. Doesn't seem to be a consensus on what causes that o.x
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