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  1. Spyder Bought my first DSM and am in quite a situation

    This is a long story and a lot of stuff happened so bare with me, I’m aware I’m kinda at fault for most of this, it’s my first DSM however I have some experience with them from family who owned multiple.So I went out and bought a 97 GST Spyder with 160k miles, replaced belts, replaced seals...
  2. Newbie starting a project (my first project car, help! lol)

    Hello my name is Ross and thank you all for allowing me to join! I'm looking forward to learn from you all.My first car was a 91 Eagle Talon FWD non turbo back in 2004, I owned it for a year but it spent more time in the shop than on the road so I had to part with it. Still, after 18 years I...
  3. 2G What engine does my Eclipse GS have?

    I’ve heard that I have the 4g63 but then other sources tell me I have 420A. It’s a 1996 Eclipse GS. I don’t know what to believe.Can someone please give me clarification. I want to turbo charge it but I’ve heard the 420A with send a piston through the head. Thank you!
  4. T'd Up Steve

    How much is a clean GST/GSX worth in 2022?

    Hey guys, I just recently sold my 97 GST Spyder in hopes of finding a clean hardtop 98-99 GST/GSX. Question is what is a good price range nowadays to buy one at considering the inflation of used cars? There are 2 GSX that are near me. One wants 15k for a stock, clean 1998 GSX gray leather...
  5. LucasGst97

    2G Need help and turbo advice, new to DSMs

    Hi guys! I need help knowing what kind of turbo I have and what kind of turbo I have bought and which one should I put back in the car?-The purple one was the Turbo i had on the car. Previous owner does not know what the turbo or the manifold is called as it was not he who replaced it. I can...
  6. kmandymac

    1G Need advice: 400-500whp Transmission upgrade

    Alright guys, so I'm in a dire need for suggestion for one of the last steps of my build (hopefully). I've got a 1991 naturally aspirated Plymouth Laser RS 2.0. I am turbocharging it and building it to 400-450-500 whp (it basically depends on the transmission now). My engine is ready (Evo cams...
  7. Evo 9 Engine block repairable?

    Hi All,First of all, the block in question comes from an Evo 9, so engine is part of the 4G63 family and very similar to our late 2G 4G63 blocks with the split thrust bearing design. The reason why I am posting here is because prior to owning the Evo 9 I've own DSMs and I've learned a whole...
  8. roadtrip_69

    Rebuild Issues...Advice??

    The how I got here part -Alright so about 6 weeks ago, cruising along at 75 mph, in a hard rain. (And just a few days since I last checked my oil) Cruise Control on. Engine oil dumby light comes on and seconds later, engine starts to seize. Turns out, ran out of oil, via a leak that still has...
  9. rseclipse27

    ECMlink Just looking for any creative critizim (log attached)

    90 awd 6 bolt bs delete presicion 5862 turbo running 20 psi presicion 880cc incectors base timeing 5degrees btdc base fuel pressure at 40 psi stock internals freshly resurfaced head and block with a felpro head gasket and arp studs torqued to 95ft/lb running speed density using a gm 3bar map and...
  10. Hello new to the forum (Australian)

    Hi guys always loved the Mitsubishi Eclipse currently looking to import one from the US to Australia. I did a ton of research online with import laws and cost all i need to do now is source one from the US If anyone could help me that would be greatly appreciated. What i'm after is a 1995...
  11. Looking for advice on a talon I'm looking to buy

    Can any of you give me a rough hp estimate for this setup?85,xxx Miles on the car 96+ miles on the new motor 1999 EVO Block (thrust washer main bearings, how they eliminated crank walk issues, same block used until 2008) Balance shafts removed Gates Racing Timing Belt Venolia Forged Full Float...
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