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4g63 1g

  1. 91lzer

    Resolved Screeching noise after control arm replacement

    I just replaced my front right control arm on my fwd 1G and as soon as I took it out on the road there is this horrible screeching noise when going straight or left. Any suggestions as to what it could be?
  2. 1g build 2nd owner

    1g build 2nd owner

  3. Project "No Money"

    Street Build Project "No Money"

  4. Another Dsm journey

    Road Race Build Another Dsm journey

  5. AdroitPostal

    Resolved 1G Disconnecting Throttle cable, can I cut it?

    I’m in the process of disconnecting all the cruise control and throttle cable stuff, but I can’t seem to find out how to disconnect the cable from the gas pedal. Can I just cut it off? If so, is it easy to put a new one in?
  6. Please Guide me through my 4g63 6 bolt 500+ WHP journey!

    Hi everyone! this is my very first build. Im still learning as i go.So i have a 4g63 6 bolt but, leave the engine internals and transmission upgrades/problems up to me.So as i learned, there's proper turbo, intercooler, and intercooler piping sizes on different applications.My question...
  7. ncarson91

    7 bolt Frankenstein build?

    I have heard of this 7bt Frankenstein setup with 1g rods 2g pistons my question is what else does it all entail? Is there a whole list of everything that goes into it? I have a spare block I’m going to rebuild would love to know for it considering it is a 2g block
  8. PoiBoi

    Shops for block/head machining in Maryland/Adjacent?

    Anyone familiar with any machine shops in the Del-Mar-Va area that have experience with machine work on 4g63s? Rebuilding my 6bolt out of one of my Galants and i'd like to have some recommendations for some places that could level black/head/etc.
  9. 1G 1991 Laser 2.0L NA won't idle and sounds horrible

    hello all, I was driving on the freeway a few weeks ago when all of a sudden my rpm gauge dropped to 0 and I lost all engine power and wouldn't start again. Long story short I figured it was the crankshaft angle sensor since the engine was still spinning (I have a manual and it was still in gear...
  10. Zachary Hodge

    1G 1g 4g63 N/A swap 4g63t

    Just bought a 6 bolt 4g63t engine block and head that has low compression in cylinder number one. I want to swap it out with my N/A block after a rebuild. What’s a good set of pistons, rings, and rods? I was thinking of going Manley. I plan on taking it to a machine shop to be sure it has no...
  11. Colin’s 1991 eagle talon tsi awd

    Street Build Colin’s 1991 eagle talon tsi awd

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