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Why do I have so much knock?

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


20+ Year Contributor
Oct 19, 2002
Springfield, Illinois
I have my m.b.c set @ 13 p.s.i, stock fuel system, dejon intake, and cat less turbo back. I couldn't get my palm to log the duty cycle for some reason tonight. Also, should my timing be @ 31 degrees? Hopefully some of you can point me in the right direction.
30.00º 0.68V 3000.00rpm 0
30.00º 0.18V 3031.25rpm 0
31.00º 0.74V 3062.50rpm 0
32.00º 0.66V 3093.75rpm 0
34.00º 0.18V 3093.75rpm 0
35.00º 0.06V 3093.75rpm 0
37.00º 0.55V 3125.00rpm 0
37.00º 0.68V 3125.00rpm 0
38.00º 0.18V 3125.00rpm 0
38.00º 0.51V 3125.00rpm 0
38.00º 0.78V 3125.00rpm 0
38.00º 0.57V 3125.00rpm 0
38.00º 0.14V 3125.00rpm 0
38.00º 0.27V 3125.00rpm 0
38.00º 0.78V 3125.00rpm 0
38.00º 0.64V 3125.00rpm 0
38.00º 0.14V 3156.25rpm 0
38.00º 0.35V 3125.00rpm 0
38.00º 0.80V 3125.00rpm 0
38.00º 0.70V 3125.00rpm 0
38.00º 0.20V 3125.00rpm 0
38.00º 0.14V 3125.00rpm 0
38.00º 0.80V 3156.25rpm 0
38.00º 0.76V 3125.00rpm 0
38.00º 0.35V 3125.00rpm 0
38.00º 0.08V 3156.25rpm 0
38.00º 0.49V 3156.25rpm 0
31.00º 0.86V 3156.25rpm 0
27.00º 0.84V 3187.50rpm 0
26.00º 0.86V 3218.75rpm 0
24.00º 0.86V 3250.00rpm 0
22.00º 0.88V 3281.25rpm 0
20.00º 0.88V 3375.00rpm 0
16.00º 0.88V 3437.50rpm 0
15.00º 0.88V 3500.00rpm 0
15.00º 0.88V 3593.75rpm 0
16.00º 0.88V 3656.25rpm 0
16.00º 0.88V 3718.75rpm 0
17.00º 0.88V 3781.25rpm 0
17.00º 0.88V 3875.00rpm 0
18.00º 0.88V 3937.50rpm 0
18.00º 0.88V 4000.00rpm 0
18.00º 0.88V 4125.00rpm 0
18.00º 0.88V 4156.25rpm 0
18.00º 0.88V 4250.00rpm 0
18.00º 0.88V 4312.50rpm 0
18.00º 0.88V 4406.25rpm 1
17.00º 0.88V 4468.75rpm 1
17.00º 0.88V 4562.50rpm 0
18.00º 0.90V 4625.00rpm 0
18.00º 0.88V 4718.75rpm 0
19.00º 0.90V 4750.00rpm 0
19.00º 0.90V 4812.50rpm 0
19.00º 0.90V 4906.25rpm 0
19.00º 0.90V 4968.75rpm 0
18.00º 0.90V 5000.00rpm 1
18.00º 0.90V 5093.75rpm 0
20.00º 0.90V 5218.75rpm 0
20.00º 0.90V 5218.75rpm 0
21.00º 0.90V 5312.50rpm 0
21.00º 0.90V 5375.00rpm 0
21.00º 0.90V 5375.00rpm 0
20.00º 0.90V 5500.00rpm 4
20.00º 0.90V 5562.50rpm 4
21.00º 0.90V 5625.00rpm 4
22.00º 0.90V 5687.50rpm 3
22.00º 0.90V 5718.75rpm 7
20.00º 0.90V 5781.25rpm 12
18.00º 0.88V 5812.50rpm 12
20.00º 0.88V 5937.50rpm 19
17.00º 0.88V 5968.75rpm 23
16.00º 0.88V 6000.00rpm 23
16.00º 0.88V 6031.25rpm 23
15.00º 0.88V 6062.50rpm 23
15.00º 0.88V 6093.75rpm 22
15.00º 0.88V 6187.50rpm 22
11.00º 0.88V 6281.25rpm 29
11.00º 0.88V 6281.25rpm 29
11.00º 0.88V 6312.50rpm 29
11.00º 0.88V 6375.00rpm 28
11.00º 0.88V 6468.75rpm 28
11.00º 0.88V 6406.25rpm 28
22.00º 0.70V 6312.50rpm 24
40.00º 0.76V 6156.25rpm 6
45.00º 0.33V 5656.25rpm 0
45.00º 0.78V 5281.25rpm 0
45.00º 0.80V 4906.25rpm 0
45.00º 0.80V 4687.50rpm 0
44.00º 0.82V 4375.00rpm 0
30.00º 0.78V 4187.50rpm 0
28.00º 0.70V 3906.25rpm 0
28.00º 0.10V 3656.25rpm 0
27.00º 0.02V 3406.25rpm 0
27.00º 0.00V 3218.75rpm 0
26.00º 0.00V 3000.00rpm 0
There are two different modes for your car to be in. One is closed loop, and one is open loop. I always get these messed up, so someone correct me if I am wrong. When the car is in closed loop, your 02's will cycle up and down. They will go super high, and super low. The car is in closed loop when it is just idling (sp?), or when you are just cruising at a steady pace. When the you are on the throttle the car then switches over to open loop. When the car does this it reads 02's & knock, then adjusts the timing accordingly. Did you notice that when you had a lot of knock the timing retarded dramitically? This is something the ECU does to help keep the motor from destroying itself.

Now that I am done rambling, it appears that your car was doing great until you see about 5700 RPM's and then you knock and lose timing & power. You may have a boost leaker, or quite simply you may just need a lot more fuel at those RPM's. It is also possible that you have phantom knock or several other things.
If he is a 1g he has to either be a 14b, 13g (auto), or better/bigger.
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