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Weird Sound And Power Loss

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


15+ Year Contributor
Jun 13, 2005
white hall, Arkansas
O.k....This just happend, I was driving down the interstate at 85 m.p.h. and suddenly I heard a (pppssssttttt) sound and smelled something kinda like burning rubber. Same time there was power loss. So I pulled over and put the hazard lights on. Opened the hood to check everything out. I thought I might have blown the timing belt at first. Everything looked fine. No smoke no nothing... :( . So I went back into the car and tried to start it to see if the engine would turn made the same noise and started but then died imediately. hhmm...well I'm thinking...o.k. then so i tried it again and it started just fine no problem. All the gauges are showing its running just fine..not overheating and the oil preasure is just fine, boost is fine. so I let it idle for awhile and then put it into gear and made it home with no more problems... Starting to think I'm losing my mind...Please help!!
thats weird man i want to say it can be the realy ground that happen to me but maybe not is there a check engine? and do you notice the cars rpm gauge not working anything like that
Sorry i should of reviewed this more im looking into now at seems that it could of been a belt sslippage,or bearing noise,etc but i mean those are few of what i think might be also the timing belt could of randomly skipped a tooth i dont know i hope maybe i can give you some ideas of what it could be
well..with the burning rubber smell it sure was strange thats for sure. ran fine the rest of the way home. didn't notice anything strange on any of the gauges. revved just fine. The thing is...initally when I tried to start it the first time after the inital shut down, it sputtered to life...and then just stopped. Don't want it to happen again, I am afraid its the possible beginnings of something worse...
I know you said your boost was fine, but did you check your licp? Could've slightly slipped off or loosened. I didn't check it...but it ran just fine the rest of the way home. I did notice the A/C stopped working just before all this happend...wondering if it could be the compressor went out and the smell was from the belt slipping...?? Any thoughts on that?
You'll be able to look at the belt and see if it was slipping.

What I would do... boost leak test. Check the belts. Post back with what you find.

Is your AC still not working?
Yeah man a boost leak test would be worth testing do you have the boost gauge leak tool i know some guy is selling one for 30 bucks on the classifieds.As for your timing man that might be a way to look at
Alright, sorry its taken so long to get back with all of you...I've been so busy working I hadn't had time to check my car more closely. Well first off, its not a boost leak, my A/C compressor clutch froze up and broke my belt. Mechanic said that it would cost me 600.00 dollars :cry: So I've been driving the Raminator :D Need A/C down here...just about 30 minutes south of little Rock and its been smoking hot down here lately. So anyways, thanks for all of your input guys. I only have one more question...Is it just me, or is 600.00 alittle steep? I mean I was planning on purchasing the new compressor seperately, thinking that would lower the price. But thats just the install price... WTF
just look on the classifieds or dsmtrader. When I bought my tsi the A/C was taken out already and he gave me the lines and compressor for it. I installed it back in the next day and it works great. Its not too hard to install it just gotta find some room to take it out thats all.
i dont know whether the a/c pumps on 2gs are the same as the ones on 1gs, but i have a a/c pump sitting in a side room, you can have it if you can use it. It worked fine, just its weight and all(my car is gutted, among other things). Excuse the "classified" type thing, i just really have no idea whether it would fit your car, so i thought i would put it out in the open so someone wiser on a/c crap for dsms could say ya or nay.
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