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1G Non turbo to turbo 500whp on pump

What pistons / Rods would you use? What compression ratio? Part numbers please..

  • Manley H beam plus / Wiseco K625M855AP (my thoughts)

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


15+ Year Contributor
Mar 5, 2007
Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
DISCLOSURE: I'm not new to DSM's or making power (I've never done 500whp on pump personally though). I was looking in other sub-forums but wasn't sure exactly where to post so bear with me. Moving on...

I have a 92 Eclipse GS. It's a non turbo 4g63. I don't need help with the turbo swap-over (I've done it a couple times already). I don't need tuning advice (as of right now, but will gladly take it!). I'm looking for 1st hand experience with the "hard parts" (pistons, rods, bearings, cams, etc). Hoping to find some members that have made 5xxwhp on pump (or as close to 500 as possible). Straight 93 pump. No water/meth, no mixing in other fuels, no e85 / e98, etc., nothing like that. I understand I need a good amount of air flow, good FMIC, good cams and a well sorted tune / suspension setup. That brings me here, I'm looking for suggestions on parts that match each other well.

I am curious about things like fuel feed line size (-6AN / -8AN), injector size, compression ratio, FMIC suggestions, etc. The actual parts one would order from a vender. I've been doing a lot of reading about Buschur's 9 second pump gas EVO. As well as others'.

Goals: 500fwhp on a dyno ~OR~ run a 10.99 or faster E.T. at my local 1/4 mile track (220 ft above sea level. Tracks close to me are Maple Grove Raceway in Reading, PA or Cecil County Dragway in MD). Whichever happens first. I care more about the 10.99 then the 500fwhp honestly.

Parts I already have:
FP 42r (76mm)
JMFab v band top mount
Tial turbine housing
Tial MVR wastegate
Walbro 450 high pressure pump
Link v3 / SD / Boost by gear solenoid

Right now I currently have a 1g AWD 5 spd trans (to use as a rebuildable core). I am leaning towards an ACT 2600 / unsprung 6 puck clutch setup with an ACT streetlite flywheel. I've used this setup in that past with excellent results. (open to suggestions). Keep in mind this is a FWD car. I don't need a clutch that holds 700 lbs / ft or torque like an AWD car would. It will blow the tires off before it smokes the clutch more then likely. I'm not opposed to automatic, but not interested in an auto trans honestly.
LSD wise I'm torn between a Quaife or Wavetrac unit.
Axles (if the stockers break), will be drive shaft shop 1000hp AWD front axles. ARP wheel studs are also something I'm not sure if I need / should consider.
Slicks: I ordered 15x8 wheels already. Unsure if I should look for 24" or 26" tall slicks. I also am unsure of 8.5" wide or 10" wide. I've already had QTP's (26x9.5/16). I was thinking of a shorter tire (24x8.5/15), but didn't know how it would work with the AWD trans. FWD trans I'd definitely use a shorter tire. I need some help here. My wheels are a little narrow (8" wide) for a 10" slick to be a perfect match, but they will fit. I'm pretty set on M&H slicks, but am willing to hear any suggestions other wise. I looked at 24x8.5/15 or 26x8.5/15 (26x10/15 if going 10" wide).

Looking at K Sport Pro coilovers right now (also looked at Koni yellow / GC sleeves). Open to suggestions here. I know I need stiff rear springs (500 lb / in). I'm still using this a street driven car so please keep that in mind. Also looked into things like removing the sway bar, limiting straps, etc.

I'm not interest in gutting my car (A/C is already gone thanks to the P.O.) It's a full weight FWD 1g with black leather, stereo, etc. and I am not taking weight out. (3300 lb race weight I'm thinking, will update after I weigh it once assembled).

Thanks for your time / input...
I'd Suggest ross pistons, eagle rods.

For injectors you are gonna need, at a minimum, 750cc. I'd recommend getting 850cc at least.

Cams, I'd Either Get FP2s, or A reputable 272/272 setup if you want streetability. If not, you could go for 280s.

Of course if you are doing a full rebuild, go for MLS Headgasket, grab some l19s, ACL or King Bearings. Arp Main and Rod bolts.

Southbend is where its at for clutchs... No reason to go with something else. You aren't AWD so don't mess with twins.
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