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Need some opinions.

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


10+ Year Contributor
Jan 3, 2011
Casa Grande, Arizona
For some reason my tapatalk wont let me post in the electeical section. So i decided to come here. To the forum mods. If you feel the need to post it their. By all means. My computer is down and i just have my phone.

But here is what I need opinions on and some questions answered. I have some money to get a touch screen deck. So i have BT and maybe install a back up cam. Here is a deck i have in mind.

But the website doesnt sell a i dont know what it is called. But like the deck spacers. Something to hold the deck so it wont move. I guess the trim for it? Or idk. Im sure you get the picture. Is their someplace that sells universal ones? And then my dad is also trippin on me cause i just have liability and wont cover for theft. (Parents are divorced and mom pays insurance)

And then my dad says something about i should get a alarm system. Well i found a viper for super cheap. My friend just got the same one installed but two things are different. He got it without the shock sensor and his remote only reaches up to 3000 ft. And he payed 650 for it at best buy. Thats including installation. So Im thinking about this viper too. And im leaning more towards it. But i have a 98 RS. Witch come with manuel windows, locks, manuel mirrors, and no cruise controll. So im going to have to get actuators. One question is if i buy the viper amd hook it all up. Is it going to trip on me because i dont have power doors? Cause im down with just arming the car and having to lock and unlock the car by myself. And im also planning on doing installation myself because i have installed a vipet before and a ton of systems. And i also havr access to on demand. A website where i can get diagrams for anything and ways to diagnose stuff. But i cant find anywhere a place that sells the actuator kit for my car? So if you can find that for me too. i cant find anything on my phone. Heres a link for the viper system.

So let me know guys. Tuesday Im turning 18 and kind of want to get this all done and over with before i leave for Mexico on the 10th.

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You should be able to find the dash kit at most car audio and video stores I'm sure you've got some around ya. Also I'd have to believe you'll be find getting the viper even though you have manual everything.
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