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for those with molded side skirts

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


20+ Year Contributor
Sep 10, 2002
Hollywood, Florida
what do i do with this part of the side skirt, under the door where it meets with the i level it off and make it flat??


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I never had that problem...what kind of side skirts do you have? The way those skirts lay that is a high stress area. More likey to crack. Get me some more pic's...Maybe I can help you out..
I've been thinking....first you will need to bond the ground effect with a 3M epoxy adhesive, which is for autobody. (you get that at the auto paint supply store). Do not use the product FUSOR! < in the past I have used fusor it bonds but chemicaly reacts body fillers and will bubble paint. OK;

1. Just above ground effect scribe a line and grind down to bare metal. Ruff metal with 40 or 60 grit paper same on ground effect.

2. to keep things clean and work in small area, using masking tape...mask area only leaving 1/2" exposed on each piece. And work your epoxy from ground effect to body of car. This should give you a nice bond. Remove masking tape before it totally sets.

3. Sand area bonded next day with 80 grit. Mask off area about 1 1/2" away from bond. You will be laying 2 layers of fiberglass mating over epoxy area creating a surface between ground effect and metal. Without this it is more likely to crack. With that surface it gives filler a surface to flex on. When that is set up feather edges with 80 grit and start using DURA glass body filler and start filling and feathering out until it looks good. When finished Stand on it. See how strong it is. You rather fix weak bonds before paint than after. You should be ok. Remember that molding looks nice but does crack over time. I wouldn't recomend for daily driven cars. But it does look 100 times better.

And this process I would do a day at a time to give fillers time to set. This is nothing you should try to do in one day. Any questions hit me back.
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