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Don't Think This Is Gonna Work...You Tell Me.

Posted by Nickisa0, Jan 24, 2012

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  1. Nickisa0

    Nickisa0 Probationary Member

    Joined Jul 18, 2009
    Summerville, South Carolina
    Little back story on the car... It's a friend of mine who said "he do you think you can finish up this swap for me? The motors already in the car, just need a couple things put back together on it". I figured it was no problem, just gotta pop some axles in, wire it up, etc and it's done...

    Come to findout this guy knows absolutely nothing about what he's dealing with here. He's already had it sitting at another shop for 7months and it's still not done so he brought it to me. Anyways here's my newest issue.

    He says he's going from 7bolt to 6bolt, which is easy stuff I've done it in the past but something seemed a bit weird to me on this. It seems like he brought me a 1g NA 4G63 (I have no experience with) and in my opinion I don't think I can make it work with mostly 2g 7bolt parts. The issue I just ran into is with the coolant tube running across the front of the motor. Runs coolant from the waterpump to the thermostat housing and all that. Well on this head it only has the 3 bolt housing and no 1" coolant tube opening for it to go into. Am I crazy here? What do I need to tell this guy? What other issues do you imagine me running into with this situation?

    Also are the oil filter housings interchangable? Because the turbo style one doesn't seem to line-up with the holes on the block and the coolant line is hitting the block.

    Thank you, very much appreciated.
    I'll try to include as many pictures as possible.

    Last edited: Jan 24, 2012
  2. Colt4G63 also

    Colt4G63 also Proven Member

    Joined Jul 23, 2008
    Tonawanda, New York
    You need the 1g water pipe; it's totally different. For the oil filter housing I don't know by experience, but I would say same deal, unless someone else knows different I expect you'll need the 6 bolt housing.

    6 bolt water pipe:
    note: the left end goes to the lower radiator hose.

    Street Build 2K  0

    1990 Dodge Colt
    manual · 4G63t Swapped

    Street Build 1K  0

    1992 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4
    manual · Galant VR-4
  3. Kait

    Kait Proven Member

    Joined Jun 13, 2010
    Princeton, Massachusetts

    Yup x2 on both.
  4. Nickisa0

    Nickisa0 Probationary Member

    Joined Jul 18, 2009
    Summerville, South Carolina
    Thanks for the quick reply guys!
    As for the oil housing, it seems like there was a difference between the 90 & 91/92 housings. So I guess I need to figure out exactly which engine I have, anyway I can look that up by markings on the motor? At this point I nolonger trust anything this guy tells me.

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    Also is there any difference between the 90 & 91-94 water pipes?

    And is this forsure a turbo motor, or is it an old NA 4G63?
  5. thomcasey

    thomcasey Proven Member

    Joined Dec 16, 2009
    Indianapolis, Indiana
    Yes, waterpipe for the 90/91's that have the external oil cooler are the same as the N/A 4g63's (90-94). The 91-94's that have the water jacket cooler have the special one.

    If he gave you an NA motor, than you most likely have an NA OFH, which I believe do not have provisions for an oil cooler, so you would need the correct OFH for your application.

    Also, I believe the 7-bolt oil pump case is different and will not bolt up to a 6-bolt block properly. (I am sure I will be corrected if I am wrong here). :)

    Street Build 154  2

    1992 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4
    awd · manual · Galant VR-4
  6. NOSLO2PT0

    NOSLO2PT0 Proven Member

    Joined Aug 31, 2002
    Joliet, Illinois
    Look on the back of the block. Look for a drilled/tapped hole directly to the right of the freeze plug on cyl #2. If it's not there, you got an NA block.

    1g knock sensor location image by viprez586 on Photobucket

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