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Does this look like a exhaust leak?

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


20+ Year Contributor
Dec 19, 2002
Been having some strange boost gauge issues, the needle will rapidly go up and down about 1psi once it starts building decent boost. Doesn't seem to impact performance much but would like to narrow it down. Disconnecting the wastegate did the has the same result and I just tested for boost leaks which there were none. I did see a little bit of greenish looking oil in the compressor inlet. Nothing unusual but I wonder if the greenish color was from coolant or my window washer fluid mixing from water injection mixing with the little bit of oil in there. No shaft play on the turbo at all.


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Bolts are tight...would something like the cause the boost issues? Might be a good time to upgrade to a FP manni and some arp studs huh? LOL Just want to make sure it would fix the boost problem before spending $100s on parts :( Well I guess I can clean it then see what happens in a week or so.
looks like an exhaust leak... probably need to clean the mating surface on the manifold (light sand) and use some brake cleaner on the head... then use a new gasket
Probably going to get the 4layer gasket and new turbo bolts just in case. Was also thinking about upgradeing to a EVOIII mani for a FP race mani. Does the FP mani include all the bolts to hook up to the EVOIII? Hows does it hand the stud? Does the bolt just screw into the stud?
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